Four Reasons to LOVE Provo! {Heart}

I grew up in an environment where cheering for BYU was not really what people did. My grandpop cheered for the blue, and I guess my dad went to BYU so that  levels things out, but my high school mates didn't cheer for them, at least, no one in my crowd did. I kinda liked rooting for them because I like to be the antithesis in a group of people when debates are going on. But as you all know, in the end I moved to SLC and went to the U.

Then I married a cougar (not an elderly woman.... simply a boy who goes to BYU, a really wonderful boy) and before I knew it we were living in Provo. That was inevitable, really. I was expecting an onslaught of "Ew, Provo?" when I picked up and ventured down south, and guess what? I got it. A lot of it. Friends, classmates, colleagues, all of them wanted to know why in the world I wanted to live in Provo. But they've got it wrong! Provo isn't so bad! So I'm gonna share with you the four reasons you should love Provo!

1. It is a place
There is no denying that Provo is a place. If you've ever been in NOT a place, then you can surely appreciate the fact that Provo is a place! And a pretty placey place at that. A place full of stuff and things. That's a whole lot more than we can say about not-places.

2. It has oxygen
Provo has a seemingly never ending supply of oxygen. Some critics might argue that there's too much oxygen, but for your average, every day oxygen breather, it's just the right amount. If you've a more refined taste of that gaseous substance of which we can't seem to get enough, head up to the mountains, only a quick oxygen polluting drive away.

3. No Kraken
Sure, Provo may have its share of scary monsters: spiders, dogs, EFY students... but one thing it does NOT have is a Kraken. And that's a bonus, ask anyone. Provo is one city that does not have to live in fear of being devoured by the Kraken every waking moment. Talk about a great deal!

4. Google Fiber

What's that? Your city doesn't have Google Fiber? That sucks, man.

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