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Alright. I said I'd never endorse a product unless I really believed in it or liked it or whatever. And today, I want to talk about what I do like, a LOT.

In February I was in need of a hair change. My hair was being a demon, not obeying me, throwing temper tantrums if I didn't do exactly what it wanted... pretty much my hair was a child. A demon child. Everyone was talking about the no poo method, so I wanted to try it out! It's been six months now, and I don't think I'll EVER go back to washing every day. For one, ain't no body got time fo dat. My bad hair days still come. But my hair is growing faster, it's silkier, and it's more likely to do what I tell it to do.

I started out washing every day, and built up to going every three days without washing. I wanted to extend that longer since my hair really hated getting wet and being blown out, but it'd hit a wall after day three and get really gross and I was tired of putting it up in pony tails all the time. Also, I was sick of buying dry shampoo. I didn't really like it, to be honest. I felt like I had to use a ton to get it to do anything! That's when Becca came knocking at my facebook messenger again.

Oh, Becca.

She'd been doing this a lot. "Lara, Lush is a super cool store and you should shop there!" I'd heard it before. I'd walked into Lush. I'd used the lotions she got there and they were pretty nice. But she wanted me to buy their shampoo bars! That was messed up to me. For one, I was the kind of person who didn't like spending more than $2 on a bottle of shampoo. Lush bars ran around $10. I'm telling you, I'm super cheap. For another, I was comfortable with my shampoo, and my hair was super temperamental. I wasn't about to spend $10 on something that'd ultimately ruin my hair and make life terrible again.

Becca had a few samples though, and she let me borrow them. The first I borrowed was a trichomania shampoo bar. It was said to make my hair softer and less dry. The VERY day I used it, I noticed immediate changes. My hair was soft as all get out to the touch, it was silky and easy to brush through, it smelled amazing too! The next day, I didn't wash. The day after, I didn't wash. And the day after that. I was able to go one full week without washing. ONE WEEK. I felt I could even go longer but there was a time that was convenient to wash followed by several days where it wasn't convenient, so I washed.

I will never go back. The thing about Lush is that it's natural. It uses natural ingredients. You will not find any factory made chemicals in there. Those chemicals that are in typical shampoos start building up on your hair. Shampoo companies are smart, they know if they make a shampoo that keeps your hair clean forever, you're not going to keep buying their shampoos. I'm not saying there's a conspiracy going on out there, companies gotta do what they gotta do, and I'm fine with that. But for me? I just thought my hair was so much better the longer I was able to go without washing! So why wash if I could avoid it?

I eventually ran out of that sample and bought a different bar of Lush shampoo. It was pretty ok. It smelled really amazing, I'll give it that. But it didn't do what I wanted it to do, so I just switched back to Trichomania. It's important to read the directions for these shampoo bars. Each one is created to do something very specific! Moisturize, smell amazing forever, stimulate new hair growth... Pick the one that does what you want it to do. And read reviews!

I've been talked into buying other things at Lush like their bath bombs. Those are amazing. I'm not joking. We got one called The Dragon or something, it was the coolest thing of my life. Started out purple with gold flakes then exploded into green in the middle. And it kept fizzing for about 20 minutes! That is QUALITY.

I have some of the pigment they sell. It's makeup pigment. It can be used as a lip stain, which is what I use it as since it's bright pink... but it can also be used as an eye shadow or blush! This color I don't like to use for that, but it's an awesome lip stain.

I've gotten the R&B Hair Lotion as well. Ugh. Freaking store lady talked me into buying this. It was a splurge, it was, but it was SO WORTH IT. I'm pretty sure my hair would be broken off to my ears now without it. It's been a life saver.

Recently my sister lent me some lemony cuticle cream which... Oh I could rave about it forever. She let me some conditioner and a shine shampoo bar too, which is exciting. She really is the best.

OH something else cool? I ordered online from Lush just barely. Trichomania you buy by the ounce and I wanted a very specific amount and didn't want to pay for more or less than that amount. Online ensures the amount and price you get. My package came! It's a really cute box. I like pictures of bunnies dancing or fighting or something... but what was in it was cooler. What was in it is what I ordered, the shampoo bar... but also like three free samples of soaps and lotions, as well as coupons for other stuff. And you can set up a system with them where they'll keep sending you your shampoo every x months, so when you run out, more is coming to you. But x months may turn out to be a long amount of time. That first sample of trichomania I got... I started using it in February and still haven't run out of it.

And one last bonus about Lush. They're all made by hand. They all have pictures on the products of who actually made the product, along with their name. I just like that. And they actively fight against animal testing. I'm not incredibly aware of animal testing, I don't know which products do and which products don't, and I'm not on the constant look out for products that are cruelty free, but it is nice to have one product in my life which I love so much and rely on so much which I KNOW does not endorse animal testing.

Now if you've read this all, you must surely be convinced. If you had the time to read this, you have the time to go onto the website and check it out yourself. I'm not getting paid in any way to talk about this store, I really really just love it a lot is all, and would love to live in a world where everyone smells great and has pretty hair.

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