Older, at least

That whole "One year older and wiser too!" thing? I guess I don't FEEL one year older. Nor wiser. I feel like I can't drive, because as of yesterday that is true until my license comes in the mail. I feel a bit younger, in fact. 21 was distinguishing me from the younger crowd, but 22 just distinguishes me from the older crowd. It'll be a good year. New classes, schools, jobs, homes. Bring it on.

My birthdays in the past have had a lot to compete with. Summer birthdays always do, I think. I've had more sprinkler parties than you could count. I had a surprise party once where my friends came into my room when I was asleep and woke me up and my mom made crepes for everyone. Those have been pretty great.

And then I met Joseph and since then it's been just... He has a lot to compete with, you know? I've never had a bad birthday. But since he came around he made them better. He even made the first one with me better, and that was after a few weeks of knowing each other! That was with decorating my bedroom with hearts, telling the waiter that I deserved free cake, and giving me a cute little panda bear, stuffed. And the next year we flew in an airplane on my birthday, which I LOVE! And spent the day with his family. They spoiled me with so much love and warmth. 

So this year, I was just looking forward to spending time with Joe, really. It didn't have to be better. I knew it would be good. And I didn't know how it could be better because the past ones have been so good themselves. At what point can you no longer improve? At what point is it perfect?

I woke up to hugs and kisses and 22 playing on his phone, a request I made last year on my day of birth. 

I spent the day wandering Ikea and such with my Mama, giving each other the company we needed after my lil sister took off to Germany. Found a pretty swell ski coat that's light enough and cute enough to be a casual/fancy rain coat. 

And then I came home, watched some SYTTD, and went to pic up my Joe from work. He let me go look at the bunnies on my way home. That was a treat. It'll always be a treat to look at bunnies.

He talked me into going out for a run. I don't know how he did that. A year ago I wouldn't have touched my running shoes on my freaking birthday. BUT I did. It was a tough run. My body is resisting this new life style in every way it can, making life difficult. But Joseph supported me and ran beside me even when my running pace was probably slightly slower than a medium walking pace. He cheered me on.

We came home and he lead me through stretches, thank goodness. I'm not one who likes to stretch. I like to wash the sweat off and sit and cool down. But he helped me stretch and today I have ZERO pain! 

Joe kept pacing the living room, picking things off the floor. Then he said "Ok, let's shower quick!" And I knew. At 4:22 I knew.

In Provo, you can rent puppies, did you know that? It sounds a little terrible, but it's a great service, actually, you should look into it. At 4:22 I knew a puppy was coming over. I showered quick and sat on the couch and waited. 

She was a small yellow lab/blue heeler mix. She was so baby that she didn't have a name yet. We called her Scout though. I cuddled her right away and she attacked my face with kisses, and the more  laughed the more she kissed me. Then we decided to play. Joseph ran to get something, I ran to get my camera... and she sat in the room and cried for us and tried to come find us. We came back and played some more and loved her so much. Then she fell asleep for the last 45 minutes we had her. We held her and watched her dream and cuddled her and loved her. Her little feet twitched in her sleep. The pads of her feet were so soft. She smelled like a river. Not a really nice river, but a dog smelling like a river is a lot better than a dog smelling like a dog. She was a perfect puppy, and we were blessed to spend an hour of our lives with her.

Then I gussied up a bit and we took of to Tucanos and ate ourselves sick. That place is a LITTLE disgusting. It's a little messed up how much food you eat there. They have this philosophy of why only eat one kind of meat when you can eat all of them? And why not wrap everything in bacon? It was ridiculous and delicious in the best ways. 

And that night we slowed down and watched a few episodes of House and cuddled. 

It was a wonderful day.

OH and my gifts.

-New running clothes!
-A tennis racket that is cute and pink (I know I don't play, but NOW I DO!)
-A teacher's cart from my wonderful in-laws! I'm crazy about it.
-A phone case/wallet thing
-Jane, The Fox, and Me. Two copies on accident, but two copies are awesome.
-Love that Dog
-SO many profession clothes for student teaching!
-Ear phones

Oh my. I think there were more but I can't remember.

It was a really really wonderful birthday. I'm grateful for the time I got to spend with loved ones, and grateful for everyone who called/texted/messaged me sweet birthday wishes. Twenty-two is going to be a magnificently great year.

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