Lovely Love Story: Part ONE

I went back to that about tab of mine. That post there, "our story" has a ton of views on it! I'm glad that people are taking time to know the blogger behind the blog, so thanks viewers like you. But while reading that about tab, I noticed two things.

1. It's lengthy.
2. It's outdated.

Let me brag. I have a crazy good memory. If you say anything, write anything, do anything, I will remember it forever. But perceptions of events as time passes change. Important aspects change. So if you go back and click on the about tab, you'll notice it's a lot different.

1. It's short.
2. It's updated.
3. It doesn't really tell our story.

Not everyone who comes to this blog is going to want to read the story! So if you want to read it, then this series of posts is for you. I'll link them to the about page too just in case your children are up late crying and you want a lovely love story to read to them. Here goes.

Once upon a time...

I had moved home from college for a semester to attend the local university. But the semester had come and gone, and summer had started. I was preparing to move back to college, SLC, to finish my schooling. But I might as well spend one last grand summer in Ogden.

Joe had desperately looked for a job in Colorado, but nothing suited what he was looking for. A place out in a far away land called Promontory offered him an internship, and he took it. Thus, he found himself living out his summer in north Ogden.

A phone call came in to me from my dad. "Hey, Lara, there's this guy at my work. He goes to BYU, he's an RM. He's one of the summer hires. What would you think if I gave him your number?" I asked what was the worst that could happen and told him to go ahead. The number was never given. But I was instructed to "friend" Joseph on the interwebs.

So I did. On July 4th, 2012. And sent him a message, something along the lines of "Hey, this is Lara, Dave's daughter. My dad told me to look you up. Anyways, hope you're having a good summer!"

And he never messaged me back. The end.

JOKE! He messaged me back a few days later and shenanegans were exchanged. And one day, phone numbers were exchanged. And that night, another phone call came in. I didn't answer. I was too nervous.

But the next day another phone call came in, and I did answer. Joe asked me to dinner that night. I scrambled to put on my cutest clothes. A pink crocheted top. My dark blue jeans. I straightened the bits of hair that always go curly. Then I waited in a cool way, so as not to look like I was waiting for him...

And the doorbell rang.


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