Social Status

Rewind 8 years. I was a freshman who was heavily influenced by Disney Channel Original movies, the kind of movies that tell you when you go to High School, you HAVE to have a crush on someone to really be cool, to really be a part of the high school. So I picked a guy, decided to crush on him (in a logical manner!) and proceeded to crush. One day, after a few weeks of crushing, his sister, (with whom I was friends), told me that he was a nerd.


And my world was crushed. I was so torn. I was conflicted. I didn't know what to do. I wanted the best for me and my posterity and how in the WORLD could I marry a guy if he were a nerd? (Because logical freshman year crushes mean you're gonna marry the guy of course.) I couldn't do it. I was devastated. Eventually I convinced myself that his sister was just being mean, like sisters do, and he wasn't really a nerd. Because I was NOT gonna marry a nerd. This is coming from the girl who thought it'd be fun to bring the full hoop skirts of the Victorian era back into style when she was in 7th grade. Nerds were a no-go.

Fast forward to what... 7.18.2012 or something. I stood in a kitchen with a young man, making cinnamon rolls, boiling noodles and buttering them... sitting in a small kitchen and thinking that he was pretty charming. I wanted to get to know him better.

"What is your favorite movie?"

"Hmmm... Let me think. I need to evaluate whether my standard answer is still the correct answer. Yep. Yep it is."

"And what's that?"


"Your favorite movie?"

"Oh, the Lord of the Rings trilogy. They were meant to be one book, and they were meant to be one movie."

And in that moment I knew I loved him and I was going to marry him. I married a nerd.
The kind of nerd who played trumpet in high school and can sing along to any classical song.
The kind of nerd who discusses rubics cube design with his brother.
The kind of nerd who debates airplane mechanics with his father-in-law.
The kind of nerd who watches all of the Star Treks except Deep Space Nine and Enterprise because they're dumb.
The kind of nerd who sheds a bit of a tear at the end of Star Trek Next Generation.
The kind of nerd who would be content to play Pokemon forever.
The kind of nerd who looked at airplanes when he was a kid and thought they were cool and wanted to build them.
The kind of nerd who isn't satisfied with a Bachelor degree.
The kind of nerd who fills his running sound tracks with 80s music.
The kind of nerd who will stay up to all hours of the morning watching youtube videos with his wife educating the viewer on space mysteries.

This kind of nerd makes my life significantly better. I'm so incredibly blessed to love him and be loved by him. Forget the social status. It's more about being happy.

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