Pioneer Day

I had a super awesome Pioneer Day. For those of you who don't know, on the 24th of July, a long time ago, the Mormon Pioneers settled in Utah. It's like our founder's day. I don't have work or school on that day! And neither does Joe, so it's awesome. Last year we had a BBQ, two years ago he invited me to institute and I was all "Isn't that cancelled" and he was like "Oh yeah, let's go to a rodeo instead." and then he told me he liked me and it was swell.

Pioneer day has always been that kinda day that you get super excited for because it's a holiday, and then it happens... and usually you do stuff in the morning time but then noon rolls around and you spend the rest of the day forgetting that it's not actually Saturday.

That morning, we ran a 5K. Doesn't sound like a big deal. It is. I know like... three days ago I said something about how running was awesome and I was going to do it forever. I don't know what happened but I'm fairly certain I may have either seriously bruised or fractured my tailbone. Because the day I posted that post, I went to run and made it about 2 blocks before fighting the rest of the way to hold back tears. It was intensely painful. Not the kind of "Oh, this is hard..." painful but the kind of "What the heck is wrong with my back?!??! AHHHH!" painful.

I took a day to rest and then took a bunch of ibuprofen and did the 5K anyways. Made an OK time considering the injury. I'd never been in such a big race. It was the Temple to Temple run in Provo, starting at the old Provo Temple on the mountains and running to the new one that's under construction. It was free, so hey, why not.

We got Kneaders french toast afterwards, which was a first for me. We were disgusted later that night to learn how many calories a single slice of that heaven has. Oh well.

We went to the mall that day and Joseph got me secret birthday presents that he let me pick out and even use a little bit. I'm not telling you what they are. Why? Because it's not my BIRTHDAY yet, and someone has to be surprised!!! So hang onto the edges of your seats because it's cool!

Aaaaand we made sushi. Which was actually pretty easy and way fun! And crazy cheaper than actually buying sushi. All of you sushi makers out there, our Nori (seaweed) was super disgusting. Ultra super disgusting. It makes me sick to think about it. It even smelled bad. What are your tricks to using Nori, or are there any good brands out there, or how do you make inside out rolls? I adore sushi but if I eat it once and don't like it, I'm off it for a while. I'm holding onto the thought of going to Tucannos for my birthday. The salty meat taste will wash out the dead seaweed nasty taste.

Oh and we watched Saving Mr. Banks, a movie which was an incredible emotional journey for me.

Hmmm. So. I guess that's all I have to talk about. Is there anything you wanted to say? Because I kinda have to get going... so I guess... see you later?

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