Am-spay Ot-bays

Ok. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna write a post which may bring a torrent of hatred from the not real people of the internet. The not real people who are actually computers. Am-spay Ot-bays. I'm still too wimpy to actually say what they are. But anyways.

For those of you who haven't heard me complain about it, about 2,000 of these am-spay ot-bays are coming to my posts daily. It's great. And when they come, they leave some pretty golden comments. A lot are annoying, but some are just so hilarious and fun to read. I spend a while each day just reading through them and laughing. I'm gonna share my favorite with you! If the images are too small, sorrryyyyy zoom in!

Thanks for telling your sister. But I'm not sure if you really read the post, because there are like... zero paragraphs in it. It's like 3 lines long.

No way? Your roommate and I should get together and talk about these things! That's super hilarious! Roommates, in my experience, are almost always old, and sometimes good. Glad you've had the same experience. 

This just fills me with tears. You know how emotional I can get. You're just too nice to me. No body has EVER called my information precious!

I don't think it's safe to be talking about this kind of stuff on the internet. The government is watching constantly, and you never know when they're gonna misconstrue what you say. Just letting you know.

You too, random citizen! And that's just mean. Saying something so cordial and friendly and being totally fake. I've noticed your spelling is improving, that's great! Keep it up. You might break through my filter some day.

Ok, we should not be LOL-ing about something like this. It's not funny. It's serious. You need to take these matters seriously.

Why thank you, fellow colleague. I hope your studies are going well.

You KNOW it's a good weekend when you're reading enormous information at your house!

OMG I'm so glad you don't have to study paragraphs in news papers anymore. That can be SUCH a drag! The net is wayyyyy better.

Hey doing good. And what do you mean by ACTUALLY pleasant! I take that personally, SIR.

There's several hundred thousand more but I got tired of using the snipping tool. I was frustrated with these comments for a while but I'm doing better now. I don't like putting up large restrictions for people to comment on my blog because I know, for me, it can mess stuff up when I'm trying to comment. So for now, my comment section is restriction free. Take advantage of that.

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