Advice for Freshman Me

Here we go. Final year of grown up school, college, university, final year. Some would think I'm a senior, but I'm not. I'm a super senior. Because I'm super good at school. (Except maybe not. Maybe if I were good at school, I'd be done by now. But that's ok. I'm almost done now!)

This week a lot of people are going back to school! I thought I'd take this, my last first week of school, to reflect on my previous first weeks of school in my college years. I'd like to share with you, today, the advice I would have given little freshman me. Over the next week I'll share with you the advice for other versions of myself, but today want to share freshman me advice.

-Don't take dating so seriously. Take your current mind set of dating and change it 100%. Just because a guy asks you out doesn't mean he wants to marry you. And just because he doesn't ask you out again doesn't mean he doesn't like you. Don't be afraid of dating other people! You're in no way ready to get married, so don't close yourself off like you are. Just have fun.

-TRUST RATE MY PROFESSOR. See that professor ranked on Rate My Professor who is very hard? Very very hard? He is. Three AP classes will not make this class easy for you. It's gonna be hecka hard. So maybe find a different professor.

-Your shoes and pants will definitely get wet if you're riding that scooter to school in that rain. Think about that for a bit. Wet doesn't go away in a few minutes. It'll take a few forevers for it to dry.

-You're cute and little in the eyes of other people, but don't use that to your advantage. Cute and little won't get you to where you wanna go. Decide what you want and go for it. Use diplomacy and assertion.

-It's ok that you don't know what you wanna do, but stop telling people you're majoring in things you're not, because when you finally decide what you're doing, they're gonna laugh at you and think it's another fling. It's not. Just tell people you're taking your time to decide and you have some ideas and will see where they go.

Anyways. That's all for today. Tomorrow I meet my class. I'm nervous, but excited. It's going to be just fine and I'll be just fine.

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