Alright. If you're reading this now, you're a little late. College started like... a month ago.  But maybe you're doing one of those half semester things or maybe you're getting an early start on Winter semester since you were so severely ill prepared for this semester. But if you can manage, I suggest travelling back in time to the first of the semester or even the first of your college career with the new information of what you need to be a college student.

Now, I consider myself a college pro. I've done 12 semesters of college by now. Some of those were during the summer, some were spent at different universities. I've weathered each one and still haven't been kicked out of the university. In fact, I get pretty ok grades. I've taken all kinds of classes from all kinds of majors due to a largely indecisive mind. Add all of that together, and you get me... someone who is pretty equipped with the knowledge of what a college student needs and what they don't need. But I'm just going to tell you what you NEED. I've been able to narrow it down to five things, and I can guarantee that every single college student absolutely needs these things.

1. Oxygen

No doubt about it, every single college student NEEDS oxygen. We literally breathe the stuff. You'll quickly find that if you do not have oxygen, then college is going to be unnecessarily painful, and you'll probably end up dropping out long before you're close to finishing. So get your hands and lungs on some oxygen.

2. Food

The amount varies depending on the size of the person, as well as the level of exercise they do each day, but there's no way getting around the fact that if you're a college student, you're going to need food. My choice food was bagels and grapefruit juice for essentially every meal of the day, but that was just me as a freshman. You'll probably even find that your food preferences vary! You might not like the same food as another college student, and that's ok. And you might not like the same food all the way through your college experience and that's ok too! That's why it's so great that there are so many different kinds and brands of food out there. Unlike oxygen, on this particular need, you've got a great selection.

3. A pulse

I know, I know, this one is a cliché, and you're probably tired of your parents constantly nagging you about this. I know. You've heard it. I've heard it. But you need a pulse. People say this one so much because it's really just one of those simple things that people often let slide. So don't forget to bring your pulse with you to college.

4. Some level of cognitive processing ability or something like that, whatever the human development professor was talking about...

You've got people all over the spectrum here at college, but you're gonna want to have a little of that at least.

5. Pencils/Pens

At some point you're probably going to have to put a physical signature on something, or you're gonna need to jot something down real quick and your electronics are out of battery. But hey, if you don't want to buy any, that one kid who sits on the front row always has a ton, I saw his bag, it's like... full of them. And I hear he's a pretty nice guy, my roommate had a class with him or something. He'd probably let you borrow one for a second. NBD.

But when it all comes down to it, nobody does college like you do. Figure out what works for you and then do that. I can't not take notes on my lap top, so that's me, but other people love their cute little highlighters and stuff. Those five things up there are necessities but everything else, figure it out on your own or get off my blog and stop complaining about how I never give any good advice. YEAH.

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