I'm on break today and I'm pretty insanely bored. So far. Yesterday I cleaned for 5 hours and finished watching PLL, which probably means I won't watch it again for several years. That's how it goes. I get caught up, go on hiatus, then binge watch it. I've picked up a new show, Drop Dead Diva. It's not about cleaning, which is what I originally thought. It's also not a reality TV show about some E! host, which is another thought I had. It's actually really good. It's like a chick flick that goes on forever, and that's exactly what I needed.

I've been studying for the Praxis II. I'm not sure how to study for tests. I don't study for tests. But social studies is a portion of this test, and it goes against every fiber of my being to study for it, but I suppose I need to. Social studies is all about community and human responsibility. We're given information, but the important thing is what we do with it. That's how it is with every subject. But in social studies tests, we need to know what court case did what, when and where did such a war happen, and it frustrates me. I don't see how that's important. *Sigh* I'm not going to remember it as a teacher anyways. That's what a book is for.

I really want to read Gone Girl but that book is checked out forever from my library. So instead... NETFLIX. Thanks library. You drove me to Netflix. This is your fault. Blame. Blame is on you.

I did some things with my face on photoshop and made it symmetrical.


Let's take a moment to be proud of me for a second here. Or be impressed. It's not a HUGE feat, but in high school? Remember those times? Were you there? No you weren't even there, don't make this weird, lemme just tell you this story.

I would only wear my hair perfectly straight. I couldn't not. It'd take me like 30 minutes to do it, because that curl up there is what my hair does naturally (if I let it air dry...) Always straight. Sometimes I'd lightly curl the ends. 

Now I wash my hair once/twice a week. First day means straight. Second day usually means straight with a few pins holding it out of my face. Third day is curly. Fourth day is in a bun/pony tail. The point of this is... I do my hair all kinds of ways now. I'm not afraid to branch out. I am afraid to part it in the middle, because even though a middle part doesn't look so bad in that picture on the left (you can't really see it but it is... it shapes my face, even though that isn't my face...) Anyways. I just don't have the confidence to do a middle part though I want to. I also would love to cut my hair but I love it too much being long right now. We'll see. We'll all see.


Britt Hanson said...

I've definitely thought about this before -- in high school I did my hair two ways. Down straight, up messy bun, occasionally I did it "scrunched" but not often. But I do my hair all sorts of ways now! Down straight, down curly, air dried natural, braids, half up, etc. etc. I love it.

Lara Becar said...

It's so much more fun, huh, Britt?