Dean's List!

This summer was predicted to be rough. 21 credit hours, on paper, is the equivalent of murder. Add on that the volunteer hours I was still required to do in school, (20 hours, while school was only in session for a few more weeks that Summer...) and working in a preschool.

Surprisingly, I survived. I don't know how I did, but I DID. On top of that, I got a 4.0. To be fair, the professors wanted to be there even less than we did, so they were pretty lenient. But I worked my butt off, and I deserved that 4.0. Dean's List. Just my brag moment.

I was selected to receive the Dean's List Vox Box from Influenster a few weeks ago! I was so excited, because it looked like a super amazing Vox Box. Just for all you n00bz out there, Influenster is free to sign up for. They send me products free of charge, free of shipping. The products are for testing purposes. Influenster does NOT pay me. Sometimes I like what the send me, sometimes it's not my favorite, but usually I like to review them and let people know what I think. Opening that Vox Box was like opening Christmas presents.

So here's my review of what I got!

1. Airheads Bites
Pros: All the deliciousness of Airheads in tiny little bite things. They are kinda like Skittles and Starbursts had a baby and it's delicious. PLUS, there's a ton of flavors! So instead of eating bites out of tons of full airheads, you can buy a little bag of these puppies. They're like $.50 at Kroger stores. Bonus.
Cons: My mom says I'm not allowed to have candy.

2. Luden's Throat Lozenges (Blue Raspberry Flavor!)
Pros: The flavor is GREAT. It does NOT taste like medicine at all. I took one after losing my voice at a BYU football game (I know, that's weird... but it was fun!) and it soothed my throat.
Cons: The flavor is so great because they're not super strong. The active ingredient is Pectin, and I've only ever heard of that used as a preservative. If you were super sick, I don't know if it'd help you too much. But for a slightly raw throat, this is what you want. Find them at Target!

3. Sinful Colors No Text Red
Pros: Sinful Colors is almost always amazing. I can't think of a time I didn't like one of their polishes. It goes on smooth. It dries quick. It stays for a long time. And I love this color because it comes with a great reminder! Don't text while driving! This color somehow makes it cool to paint only your thumbnails red. I don't know how, but it does.
Cons: Like any red polish, it doesn't come off easily and may tint your fingernails for a while, unless you use a base coat.

4. Kiss: Look so Natural Lashes
Pros: These are Cadillac false eyelashes. They look super natural. The ends taper off so you don't get a blunt end to your eyelashes. I don't typically wear full falsies, I usually cut off a tiny bit and stick it on the edges of my lashes because a full set is overwhelming. Not with these ones. They just look amazing.
Cons: They ARE falsies. They don't feel as natural as your normal eye lashes, so if you're not big into wearing falsies, probably do not wear these on a daily basis. But I wish I had these for my wedding. They're supreme.

5. Soft Lips Cube (Pomegranate Blueberry)
Pros: It goes on smooth, it stays looking neat in the cube. It tingles when you put it on and makes your lips feel crazy smooth.
Cons: It's a cube, so it doesn't really go into your pocket well. Maybe that's a good thing? You probably won't be forgetting it in your pocket and losing it in the wash. Joe also doesn't like kissin' me when wearing it because it's super sweet. I don't mind the sweet, but some people might. They have other flavors too, though, and I'm guessing this is one of the sweeter ones.

6. Playtex Sport
TMI maybe but I don't use these, I use an alternative hygiene method. If you want to know more, email me or something, because I'm all about it but BOYS read this blog and I don't want to gross them out. BUT I used to use these, and they were just fine. Better than any other kind. So.

7. Pilot Frixion Pens
Pros: I like the colors I got! They're erasable and they really work. It doesn't leave a shadow when you erase. It doesn't mess up the page when you erase. The color is pretty solid too! It doesn't LOOK like an erasable pen.
Cons: Sometimes they're a little hard to get them writing. That's ok though.

Overall, this was a great Vox Box. My favorite so far! I recommend checking out Influenster and maybe registering! It's been super fun so far!

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