Things They Never Let Go

A 3rd grader asked me what my favorite football team is.

He said he likes the Cowboys.

I said I liked the Utah Utes, and I don't cheer for NFL.

He looked at me all sad.

So I said I guess I like the Broncos because I like Colorado.

He said "You mean the Denver Donkeys?"

And he doesn't let it go.

Weeks have passed.

I asked him what I should be for Halloween.

He said I should be a Bronco football player.

He tells me I'm pretty cool except I like a dumb football team.

He hasn't let it go.

I don't think he ever will.

I'm trapped.

Never mention professional football to children.

I'm a Ute fan.

It's October.

I'm tired.

I'm exhausted.

My energy is gone.

My motivation to go to college classes is gone.

And I've got five point five months left.

Oh help.

Fall break, you cannot come fast enough.

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