Today was an exciting day.  Today I had a big project due in my class. I got my teacher-super-cute on and pulled out all of the construction paper in our house and found a couple of glue sticks and got ready to make this project look like I had spent several months working on it.  I checked my emails and found one from my professor for this particular class. It came late last night and I have a policy to not read emails past a certain point because that's just silly. To read emails very late. Just silly. So I got an email from my professor this morning talking about what we needed to do for class today. Somewhere in the email it said something along the lines of...

"This will be our last class meeting so..."

Our last class meeting.

This is the beginning of the end. This is my first last class meeting. I'll have three more after this, and then I'm done with my college classes. Forever. Kinda. Until I have to go renew my license. But pretty done. It made me start to think.

This afternoon I got all gussied up in my softest clothes because this is a late class, you know, and I don't like wearing anything that isn't soft to this class. I got in the car and drove to pick up Joe so he could take me to the train station. That song by One Republic came on. I used to wonder if it was ok to like One Republic, but I came to the conclusion that it's perfectly ok to like One Republic. They were singing that song, something along the lines of "With every broken bone, I swear I lived."

I remembered the talk radio on the station this morning, people were texting in responses to this question... "What is your biggest regret?"

I looked back on all of my regrets.

I regret not swimming more when I still could.

I regret spending $140 on a haircut that I wasn't satisfied with.

I regret all those times I didn't wear water resistant shoes on my way to school.

And now life is getting very big. Joe has been applying for jobs and we're faced with the decision... where do we want to live next year and maybe forever. That is a very big decision. Probably one of the biggest. I thought about all of those big decisions I had to make in my life, and frankly, I regret none of them.

Sometimes I look back and think about how embarrassing and awkward and uncomfortable and upsetting and frantic some of my life's moments were, so far. And I regret none of them. Every decision I could potentially regret put people in my path that I need there, or put me in places that I needed to be, or taught me lessons I couldn't have possibly learned elsewhere. With every broken bone, I swear I lived. It is a very good feeling to live without regrets. 

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