The Facts of This Week

This week I wrote a joke in my head, kinda. It was some popular song but I realized it related directly to Matt Smith's seasons of Doctor Who. It was hilarious. Unfortunately, I fell asleep and forgot it. I may never know if it was a real song.

I held my breath for a long time yesterday and I think it gave me a cold. Is that a thing? My voice is hurting today. It did make me cough, to hold my breath for that long. I need to not do that. It wasn't my fault though, in my defense. There were some bad smells.

Everything bagels don't have EVERYTHING on them. Not everything. Just a few of all the things. Like, four things. Maybe five. Five, ok?

I'm having to accept the fact that having phone wallet means I can't put everything I want in my wallet. What am I supposed to do with coins? Carry them in my hands like some chump?

I lived in a dark world where I did not own a fleece jacket. That was a dark world. I didn't know the wonders of fleece jackets. Now I do. And I will wear them forever now.

Joe got a little quad copter and flies it around our house knocking it into things and making a mess. He is a kid. And it makes me happy to watch him.

We went on vacation and took care to make sure our lizards would be ok. We forgot about our fish. We came home to find our fish nearly dead. And the poor baby passed away a few minutes later. It was heart breaking. I blame myself.

This is an exciting weekend with exciting decisions to be made. Stay tuned.

My phone died Wednesday night and it was a strange feeling, being out in the open with no phone access. I looked out the window on the train but it was dark and all I saw was my reflection staring back. So I stared for a while, blinking and what not, trying to think of something to do. Then I squinted my eyes and looked through the window harder and BOOM. I broke through my reflection and saw outside. The world was so interesting. It seemed not to notice that I was noticing, that there wasn't a voice in the back of my head saying "PHONE PHONE PHONE CHECK YOUR PHONE PHONE HEY PHONE CHECK IT PHONE." And I had some deep thoughts about how beautiful the world is when you make an effort to view it as it is, rather than view it as a reflection of yourself.

Super deep, people.

And along with squinting, I've come to realize that I need glasses. Woe.

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