Speaking With No Voice

Joe and I finished our show a few weeks ago. I don't even remember what our show was. It was a long time ago. And when we finished, we needed to find something new to watch! That new thing was, at first, Iron Chef. But there's only like... 3 episodes online. So we moved on to Chopped.

Chopped is a pretty disgusting show. Yesterday Joe made a chili cheese dog, but instead of chili, he used lentil soup, and instead of a bun, he used a tortilla. I'm pretty show Joe is one of those people who come up with the baskets on Chopped. He said that a tortilla was kinda like a bun, but KINDA ISN'T CLOSE ENOUGH, BUDDY.

We finished Chopped, and have moved on to Property Brothers! It is an exciting show about Canadian real estate. It makes me feel hopeful that we can by a shamble-y house in Arizona and make it look beautiful. But it also makes me feel stressed to see how much it costs and how much work it is to do.

We'll see.

It was so fitting that I lost my voice and developed an old witch's cough during the last two days in my classroom until next year. It was so fitting that I was observed on those days. I had to use the mic. I don't even like using the mic, even when I have a voice. But when I don't have a voice, it sounds like I'm some airport control woman and it's just not something third graders want to hear. It's not something I want to hear. It was bad.

By Tuesday night, even the slightest whisper killed my throat. It wasn't nice. If you know me, you know I like to talk. I had to accept the fact that I couldn't talk. I had to conserve my voice for really important statements, such as...

  • I have a lot of volume.
  • Tastes like a marshmallow
  • My netflix is broken.
  • They need to learn to expect these things.
We're coming to the end. The bitter, bitter end. Bitter only because there is a lot of work. But after next Tuesday, I will have no more homework. Ever. That feels amazing. Bring it on.

The view from my classroom this morning. I'll miss this building.

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