Several thoughts about HIMYM all at once that will not make sense

I was super sick. Super sick. It was terrible. And add to that, my cart was going to break on the way to school not even 12 short hours later. And Joe was gone and I was lonely and I wanted something that'd put me to sleep, so I decided to watch the Season Finale of How I Met Your Mother all over again.

The next paragraphs you read will be a lot of jumbled up thoughts.

I was hanging out with Brittany and we were going to go do something but we were waiting for Jackie and so we sat and watched HIMYM at her house for a bit. I'd never seen it before. I didn't get any of the jokes.

Eventually I ended up as a bored college student, so I did as all bored college students do. I watched How I Met Your Mother. I don't really recall when I started to love the show, but I think it was pretty fast. I'd binge watch them through the night, sitting on a recliner. I had to know the story!

All the glimpses of the Mother through Ted's life. All the metaphors of that yellow umbrella. Like, remember when he'd given up and he stepped out on a rainy day and the street was full of yellow umbrellas? Metaphorically? And it was like... Yeah Ted, there is endless possibility out there for you. This isn't the end.

And remember in Time Travelers when he ran to her before he even knew her? If you haven't seen the show, none of this will make sense.

And then he meets the Mother and marries her and she dies all within 30 minutes. THIRTY MINUTES.

Ok, and then Barney. He was one of those guys you'd think would never grow up. He was selfish. Sorry, I don't know a better way to put the term. He was selfish, and so was Robin. There really isn't anything WRONG with being selfish. It is ok to be selfish. They wanted what was best for themselves and stopped at nothing to get it. I get that. That is fine. And that is why they were suited for each other.


If it was supposed to be Robin and Ted all along, why did they make us fall in love with the Mother? Why did they pick someone so PERFECT for Ted? The connection between Robin and Ted was a strong friendship. They could laugh at similar things. They had similar friends. They were comfortable together. And they were attracted to each other periodically as well. Sure. But that's not all it takes to make a good relationship. You can't have a strong, lasting, forever relationship if you want totally different things in life. That was decided on the show. And maybe Robin doesn't need that forever relationship, but TED DOES. Ted does.

Furthermore, they turned Robin into this shrill, venomous woman, who spent a lot of time shrieking at a really high pitch over nothing. That was just annoying.

If Robin and Ted were supposed to be together, they would have had the entire last season about how they fell in love again after his wife passed away. They would have done that. But they didn't. Instead, the entire last season was about the wedding day of Robin and Barney. And that was all building up to Ted meeting his wife. And they throw it away in one episode. One episode.

On one hand, it is reassuring to see Ted and Robin come together again at the end. It's like "Aww, this is the end, but it's not really the end, life is a big cycle and the show will keep going forever with funny shenanigans." But that's not what I felt they intended! If that is what they intended, then Barney wouldn't have had that big ol life reckoning moment with the love of his life, his daughter. That wouldn't have happened!


And then just go watch the episode "How Your Mother Met Me." That just... that's what really drives the betrayal home. The fact that they KNEW this is what they were going to be doing from the first, yet they still went and made episodes like that.

They really just.

They messed up the world, the creators did. They messed it up.

I get that some people like the ending and that's fine. I can see, watching the entire series, that they were supposed to be together, Ted and Robin, but it seems like a real jerk-thing to do to make us hang on, waiting for the Mother. That is what the series was all about. And they have the NERVE at the end to flash the words "How I Met Your Mother." FALSE. That's not what the show was about, and you knew it all along! And now we know too!

It was a harsh push back into reality, and nobody likes that. Nobody likes to angry cry at their computer and push it off their lap, bitterly wiping tears and saying through gritted teeth "That wasn't what was supposed to happen. I hate it."

Lebenslangerschiksalchatz or whatever people. That's what it's supposed to be. Sigh.

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Kate said...

So weird, I was just watching the last episode last night after my cousin finished it and posted a discussion type thing on her Facebook. Funny, right? Anyway, my two cents are thus: It would have gone over much better if all those stories we had seen in the last episode were episodes in their own right. Maybe have a three episode thing about the wedding, but after that just show us their whole lives! And have the last few episodes be Ted trying to figure out what he's gonna do now that his wife's been dead for an acceptable amount of time, see him decide to tell the kids the story, and then show us that last little bit. It could have been AMAZING. But instead they wasted the whole last season on a wedding that wouldn't last. Poo.