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It's been an incredibly busy couple of weeks/months. A lot of stuff going on. One of which was mentioned today, if you're my bff on the fbs. I passed my final evaluation! I'm going to be a licensed teacher! It's kinda weird. I'll talk about the bizzarity (invented words!) of it all some day. 'Bout how I started this blog when I started college and now I'm done, so now what...

But today is not that day.

Today, I'm gonna talk about creative writing. I've always loved writing. It's a hobby. I especially love typing because of the click click click sounds and how fast the words get on the screen. I like typing in front of 3rd graders because they think I'm some kinda wizard with how fast my fingers move.

At the first of the year, I'll be honest, I had a pitiful bunch of writers. They've come leaps and bounds since then. Today I gave them a few sentence prompts, using vocabulary words. These are the works that I got. They're amazing and I love them all.

"The rain beats down, soaking everything it touches. It is almost 6 feet high in the sky. And the next morning all the rain was frozen. And people went sledding and ice skating and people thought that was the best time ever. The next morning it was even higher. And some people lost their lives. The next day it was all gone."

I told that student that I really liked their story. They said they hated the part where it talks about people dying. WELL YOU WROTE THAT, KID.

"I walked into the laboratory, ready to go to work. Ready to work on a ray gun that makes people smart and rich and also able to travel to every state, jumpy high, and turn gravity on/off."

"I walked into the laboratory ready to go to work. It was take your best friend to work day. My best friend is a coffee mug. We do lots of activities. My best friend won most boring person in the galaxy."

"My family has special customs. It is Christmas, where we get presents." (To be fair, he wrote this in about 30 seconds.)

"As I looked around, I thought to myself, what in the world could cause this ruin. Start digging team, Look everywhere. Maybe we will find what caused this to happen. Oh oh oh I found a um.... I don't know what this is. Let me see, oh this is an old pan. Looks like a cup, doesn't it. Yep it sure does. I guess I'll start digging. Oh would you look at that. A big old bone. I'll chart it on my note book. Wow it might be from a volcano. Here are a bunch of volcanoes! That explains everything."

"I felt a challenge to design an even better car than last time. The last one I built blew up though. It even had a coffee machine! (They were obsessed with coffee today. Joke of the day in my class.) This time its even going to have a T! While I'm sketching a design I get a great idea! I'm gonna take a nap! The next morning I see a new amazing car! Later on I find coffee bugs built it. I give them a present, a car, and a free trip to Las Vegas!"

"I felt a challenge to design an even better car. My old car is ugly now because I drove it and it broke. My new car is the best. It never runs out of gas. It never dies too. I test it out. It went really really fast so I got pulled over by the cops. So they towed it away. I was crying. Now I bought a new car. It was slow but it's better to not get pulled over by a cop, or crash into another car."

These stories were ones the students gave to me to keep as a gift. They're a bunch of amazing geniuses and I'm gonna miss all of them.

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