Rapunzel in the House

Rebecca, my little sister, came to my school on Friday.

Wreeewruruuup!!!! That's the sound of rewinding, in case you didn't know.

Remember that time I dressed up like a princess over Winter break? I got back to school and all the kids were talking about all the fun things they did over Winter break and gosh dang it, I'm a kid at heart too, and didn't want to be left out. I wanted to fit in. So I told them I dressed up like Ariel and my sister dressed up like Rapunzel. No harm done.

Until this week when my sister came to school. I had to do a lot of fancy foot work because there were kids who needed the magic of believing in this princess in their lives! So this kind of stuff went down.

"A special visitor is coming this week!"
"Who is it?"
"Rapunzel isn't real!"
"Yes she is!"
"No, cartoons aren't real!"
"Well DUH. Cartoons aren't real, but they're about the lives of real people. And Rapunzel is real!"
"Nope. I know it's your sister."
"It's not my sister. She does like to dress up as princesses, but when you do that, you need permission from the REAL princesses. And so I KNOW the real princesses, and Rapunzel is coming."
"Why her? Why not Elsa?"
"Because Elsa brings the snow with her wherever she goes and I'd rather that not happen."
"I don't think it's the real princess."
"It is. Come up with your hardest questions. And she will tell you the right answer."
"I'll ask her that one... um... who is that guy she's with in the movie? What's his name?"
"Hahahaha YES. Please ask her that question. That's a hard one."
"Well, I know she's wearing a wig. I can tell it's a wig if the hair is poofy."
"Mrs. Lyman and Mrs. Mackey's hair is kinda poofy, and they're not wearing wigs."
"Hmm. Well, I'll pull on it."
"And I'll send you to the behavior room. You can't just pull on peoples' hair!"
"Sure, I touch my friend's hair all the time."
"Touch, that's ok. Do not pull unless you ask."

Well, the day came around.

And pictures were taken.

As my class was leaving, a kid shouted out "IS THAT YOUR REAL HAIR?!" to which Rapunzel replied "Yes! Is that YOUR real hair?!"

And he did his usually little smirk kinda thing when he's being too cool for school and said "Well, yeah, that's a wig."

And I said "No it's not!" And I tugged on it. Grabbed a couple strands and pulled on them about as hard as you'd tap your toothbrush on the side of the sink. Realllly light stuff. I thought for sure they'd scoff at that.


They stared at me with their jaws dropped. And the most non-believing student shouted "OH MY GOSH! We totally thought you were fake this whole time!!!" 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you trick a bunch of kids. 

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