The Weekday Update

It's been a good long time since blogging. I've been busy and not busy at the same time. Busy, except for when I'm not. And when I'm not busy, I'm usually too bored to blog. Go figure.

So what have I been up to?

A lot, actually!

Well, first, Influenester sent me a few bottles of Dessange product! I'll do a review on them later. Thanks Influenster!

Second... I've been working on my teacher portfolio. I'm pretty confident and comfortable in designing blogger. For some reason, that's NBD for me. But doing Google sites scares me bad, and I'm never happy with the things I've come up with. I've spent way too much time trying to come up with a header. Finally got one I think I like...

Here I am trying to teach children what intersecting looks like! YAY! 

Well. Got down to Arizona last week. I found a wonderful home for Joseph and I to live in! Orange orchards all around, flowers all around... but here's the problem. It's only April. In Utah. And it's already crazy hot in our house. Me, I'm handling it ok. But Joseph? I don't know what that boy is going to do down in the hot state. It will be a good adventure, I suppose!

We spent an awesome weekend in Colorado Springs with Joseph's family! Joseph's brother came home from his mission and gave his homecoming address. His sister is headed to Chicago for a mission in just a few weeks and gave her farewell address in the same meeting. And it was nice to have a relaxing weekend with my husband as well. Even though I didn't have school to come back to, it was still hard to leave.


That's about all I guess.

This upcoming Summer will be my first one in five years that I don't have huge time consuming obligations. I have obligations now, for goodness sake, and it's significantly more than what I'll have this Summer. I think I'm going to be going a bit batty. Need to find some hobbies or something.

And that's all. 

Oh also, did some fun pictures with the awesome Taelor Clawson from Clawson Images! Annnnnd here's what we got. I LOVE THEM!

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