What's in the bag?

Something incredible happened. We lived in a 2 bed before. One room was the "lizard" room. It was a room with two tanks of lizards, (just two lizards. Not like.... full of lizards... stuffed to the rim...) and then a ton of boxes and camping stuff. That room remained full of boxes that were perpetually unpacked.

And then we moved into another two bedroom, and that second room is no longer the "lizard" room. Due in part to the fact that one lizard died. But also because some how, magically, the boxes got unpacked and put away.

Another incredible thing happened. The boxes got unpacked within the first week. Within the first five days. By the THIRD DAY.

This means that I didn't have to do it alone. And that was incredible to me because I wouldn't have been able to do it without falling asleep every few seconds or throwing up during the other seconds.

Well, while unpacking, Joseph posed a question.

A very good question.

What's in that bag?

Now, it drives me crazy to leave these pictures so small. But there are around 50 of them and I hate clicking the pictures to make them bigger. So I'm not gonna do that. Right now. Maybe I will later. Back to the question! What's in the bag?

Pretty decent sized bag. Pretty heavy. Tightly zipped shut. You can see it's bulging on the sides. So what's in it?

Hmmmm.... Handles.... ok ok.... what's in the bag?

Let's see.

Getting our first look.

Oh my gosh it's unzipped all the way. And is that.

Oh my gosh. Here we go.

1. The impostor-athlete

Lil bear. Says Raiders. No harm but....


2. The lil one.

He's tiny. A lil brown dog. Pretty tame.

3. The rare toucan

This guy is RARE. Got him at a treasure hunt birthday party. HE STILL HAS HIS TAG.

4. The crazy bird is all


5. The goofy bird

Just sitting there like

6. The wrinkly love pug

The messed up tag is proof of love.

7. The intact Erin

It's named Erin because Erin means Ireland and it STILL HAS ITS TAG.

8. The Eyore

Cheer up dog. You're well loved.


9. The saddle-back cat

It looks like it's been rode. Because it has. By other beanie babies. It was kinda a servant cat.

10. The Bruno

His name was Bruno.

11. The sparkly turtle

Special because....


12. The small cat

It's somewhat wild if that makes a difference.

13. The turkey rug

It can lay back on its tail like a rug. That was all I thought of this toy. He also convinced me not to eat turkey on Thanksgiving. And now disgust with all things poultry has done the same.

14. The soft rat

What this rat doesn't tell you is that it's crazy soft.

15. The windswept small-Doby

All you need to know is in his name.

16. The dethroned Valentine beast

He lost his tag and forever wears a constant reminder of the value that is no longer there.

17. The nonrare Unicorn

Seriously, everyone had one of these. 

18. The Just a seal

That's all.

19. The well intending yet deceptive preacher bear

Not a beanie baby, but he can't help it.

He carries a good message.

20. The 1999 wheat bear

Looks like wheat. Innocent look on his face. BUT HE LOST HIS TAG.
A Census worker came by while I was writing this blog, and asked if I was a stay at home mom. No ma'am. I just have toys scattered all over the floor because I'm bad with adult-being.

21. The mild dalmatian

Not much to look at.

22. Another poultry item.


22. The impostor bug

He tricks you because he's not really a beanie baby.

And he can tuck his head in so is he really even a bug?!

23. The mild mannered panda

Forever so polite.

24. The Political Statement

Actually, I just now got the joke.

25. The gentle rhino

He was misunderstood a lot. He just wants to get along.

26. The small, flat pancake crab

Beautiful hues!

27. A small lamb and

28. The small lamb's uncertain friend (because really.... what is that) and...

29. The impostor IKEA-lion

But they're cool with each other.

30. The sick mama-kanga

Seems sweet but

She is carrying the decapitated head of a baby kangaroo in her pouch. THAT IS MESSED UP.

31. Doby's wife

Brian had the original Doby. And while this one is named Doby as well, she was merely the wife to Doby. As children, we were not so socially advanced and forward-thinking as we are now.

But look how CUTE.

32. The best lizard

Not a beanie either, but mom gave me this one for Valentines day. I was like a teenager and she hadn't given me anything for Valentines day in a long time. This was a very special thing.

33. The other cat


34. The I-swear-this-is-a-beanie-it-is-just-from-a-rare-collectors-edition

And it terrified me.

Well. That's all of them. Here's the loot.

Now go home.

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