Home Tour

Ok people have been asking about our new place SO HERE GOES!

A tOuR oF fUn !!!!!!!!!

Oh and for those of you who are JUST joining in, glad to have you, a lot of stuff has happened, like a LOT OF STUFF. And I have lots of blog posts in the making, but this is one for the present because I PROMISED it as a present to a lot of people.

So just to recap.

Or.... cap.... because if you're new, we're not re-anything.

Joseph and I live in Arizona now. WHAT WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN. Roughly a week ago. We have not yet been boiled alive, so things are going good. In fact, I wore jeans yesterday. ME. JEANS. LONG PANTS. That is a rare panther to behold, and I did it in ARIZONA. So. Things are good.

WOW blogging feels great when you're bored out of your mind.

Here goes. 

Tour time.

This is our bedroom! The walls are different colors and full of strange nails. The pillow cases are temporary and awful. I still sleep with a teddy bear. WHAT OF IT.

Our dresser! This bedroom is entirely too large for the two of us. It needs another small person in it some day soon.

The master bathroom. It is liberating having a master bathroom. You don't have to stumble through the halls in the middle of the night to find anything! Like... the bathroom. You still have to do this to find water though. Because who drinks bathroom water? WHO?

Not this one.

We've got a massive walk in closet. Photo quality is low because of the lighting. And it's sideways, sorry. Turn your head or your computer on the side or something. It's a pretty big closet. We like it.

The dining table....

The awkward large empty space.

Like really. What do we do with this space. We are not used to having space.

The piano! It's hiding our fire place because who uses a fire place in AZ?

Not this one.


This place is a mess right now. When you feel like throwing up all the time and energy is not a thing you possess anymore, it's hard to be neat. Some day soon we're getting a new couch. And a new TV.

Here is what you see when you walk into our house. Despite the messy couch, the rest of it is pretty ok.

This is our "hearth". Almost literally. 

I made use of the many nails that were already in the wall, and so our pictures are all over. It's artsy or something. Something....

My above the sink area and....

Muscles Marie, the beautiful angry fish who tried to kill us from the moment we got him, and who hasn't stopped trying. Love you, Muscles Marie.

When we were living in Provo, Joseph said "I wish there was a robot that would do the dishes for you." Well this place is ritzy because WE HAVE ONE NOW.

Our kitchen. Peaches on the counter. Broken drawer that wasn't from us. It's lovely though. And much bigger than I'm used to.

Guest bathroom and....


The closet in the guest bedroom that is too big and too full of books and we don't go in there.

Aaaand the guest bedroom. It has the worst paint job in the world, but we dressed it up ok. And I actually really love the way the sun comes into this room. I think it's an ok place.

Well there you have it!

And that's all!


Teagan Norseth Nash said...

No matter how big a bedroom is, sharing it with a tiny human makes it so much smaller. (It's totally worth it.)

Ashley Z. said...

I just love this so much!

Willard Evans said...

I couldn't stop myself from smiling while I was reading your post, Lara. I just love your sense of humor, and the way you introduced your home to us. I, for one, think you have a lovely crib. I'm sure Muscles Marie thinks so as well. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that, Lara! All the best to you and your family! :)

Willard Evans @ Wow Homes