Sappy Post Again

It's something about this time of year, three years since we were first getting to know each other.

And baby boy is making me very emotional and nastalgic today.

But I have to talk about my Joseph, so, skip if you're not interested.

I used to think that kind of best-friend-love was even more rare than once in a life time, it was once in SOME peoples' lifetimes, and some people just weren't meant to find it. I gave into that. It was a hard thing to swallow, but I let that thought consume me and allow me to be ok with never finding something special, never finding Joe.

And I was so wrong.

I would watch wedding videos and look at pictures and the way that two people would look at each other was just so incredibly beautiful, and I would let envy roll over me and then resign myself to not finding that. But now I find myself looking at those same things, so happy for the people to have found what I found in my Joe.

And what I found in my Joe isn't incredibly remarkable, or restricted to only him, maybe. Joe doesn't hire airplanes to write my name in the sky. Joe doesn't have a lush throne for me to sit on while he carries me around on his back.

Joe hears me wimper from a bad dream and rolls over and immediately comforts me.
Joe hears my stomach growl (baby makes my tummy growl a lot) and jumps up to get me my breakfast shake I've been living off of for over a month now.
Joe asks me if there's anything I need at 9:30 at night and on a few occassions has run to the store to get it.
Joe goes to work every day, and spends 20 minutes walking in 120 degree weather to make a good home for our small, growing family.
Joe does the dishes if I make dinner.
Joe learns how to play my favorite songs on the guitar.
Joe looks at me when he thinks I'm not looking and makes me feel incredibly lucky.
Joe knows me so well he knows what to order at the restaraunt if I'm washing my hands or getting something from the car.
Joe says my name in the best way.
Joe lets me tickle him because he knows I love to hear him laugh.

I've been overwhelmed with gratitude for my Joe in these last few weeks. Being alone at home most of the time gives me a lot of time to realize how much he's done for me. I so appreciate what he does.

And to all you people out there wondering if love is less than once in a life time, if it is indeed once in only some people's life times... it's not. You can find it. Don't give up.

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