The Rain In Arizona in 2015

It has been a MONTH since I last updated. It really hasn't felt that long. I've been pretty busy! With the following:

becca visted for a week i cleaned our house we got a flat tire i planned our nursery i mopped a few times i watched a lot of netflix i got out and explored the city more as the temperature gets cooler i went to the gym a lot i started serving in young womens as a miamaid instructor i got a new curling iron and we went golfing and i was kinda a bit of an amature pro in training

So in summation, not a whole lot. Which is why I haven't updated a whole lot.

I get caught in this awkward tango with life, between wanting to record and share everything and wanting to be so in the moment that I'm not worried about recording and sharing. I've got a pretty wicked good memory, and figure the important stuff will stick around for a long time. And there have been some very important things too!

Like when Becca came to visit. I loved that week. I love my sister.

Or when the ultrasound technician pulled up the ultrasound and I saw our baby kicking around for the first time, and the tech said "I think... it's a boy!"

Or when Joe felt our boy kick for the first time.

Baby is 22 weeks old now. We're past the half way mark. I think it may be fun to start counting down now! So.... 18 more weeks until we meet this soul.

The big things have been mostly about family, but to me, that's always going to be the biggest thing.

Joe and I have been quickly planning the rest of our vacation days before baby comes, or before the doctor tells me I can't travel anymore. We're excited to be making a trip to Ogden and Colorado Springs before baby comes, and we're really excited to get in a lot of camping as the weather starts to cool down!

Some more thoughts about Arizona...

I love it here. I love the desert. I love the heat that isn't so hot that it hurts... the heat around 105, the way it hits you and fills you with energy for a few moments. I love all of the flowers. There are SO many flowers here, it's crazy. It's crazy to me that when it's 118 outside and I feel like I may die if the AC doesn't kick on in the car soon enough, there are flowers growing and blooming away. Pinks, yellows, oranges, reds.... a lot of fire. The flowers look like fire, and proudly show off the heat that they love. And I like to think that if something so delicate can thrive in such a harsh environment, then surely I, who am made of thicker stuff than the square cells plants are made of (childhood science, anyone?), surely I can thrive as well. And I think I do. I love how enormous the sky is here, and how you can see clouds coming from miles and miles away, and you wonder if they're going to bring rain. I love how the rain is so powerful it scares me sometimes, wondering if it'll break skin as I make the dash from our car to the door. I love it.

But I really really love being here with my Joseph, most of all. Discovering new stores and new people and new restaraunts and new parks, discovering a new life, just the two of us on our own, in a new place. I've come to love, admire, and appreciate Joseph so much over the last few months of us living here. He truly is my best friend, and a source of constant light in my life.

And so that's all! Maybe as I make more of an effort to document my life and the life of our growing family, then I'll think of more important things to write about. But who knows, maybe some day, hundreds of years down the line, someone will pull out their holographic iPhone 243s, they'll really want to know about the rain in Arizona in 2015.

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