A Weekend Chasing Cars

This weekend was fantastic. The temperature is starting to drop. Today it said it was going to be 101 outside! That's coat wearing weather! I'm actually wearing leggings today. It may end up being a bad idea, but right now, I'm managing.

So this weekend we decided to get out and explore our new home some more. We found a municipal fishing pond just a few blocks from our house! We dropped our lines in the water and enjoyed the air and the cloud and the wildlife. We didn't catch anything, but that's ok with me. I'm a little like the Joker. "I'm like a dog chasing a car. I wouldn't know what to do if I caught it! I just do things." The idea of catching a fish makes me feel a little bad. But I enjoy fishing so much. The anticipation of mayyyyybe catching one is thrilling.

That tells you how exciting things are for me these days. Thinking about maybe catching a fish and hoping I don't.

There was a sweet little duck family we watched. A mom and a dad and a baby. The baby kept crying and the mom and dad were frantically diving to get food to feed their baby. I wondered if mom and dad ducks ever wake up at 3am to a crying duckling and bicker of whose turn it is to feed the baby and for a split second they miss the easy life with no ducklings.

But they sure seemed to love that little duckling.

Afterwards we went house-looking. Not quite house hunting yet, maybe soon. But house looking is what we use to find an area we'd like to live for a long time. And we found the area! It was fun to drive around the neighborhoods and see homes for sale and imagine what life will look like in a few years. It looked preeetttty swell.

The bait is pink and sparkly and I love it.

Mama and baby

He hung out with me towards the end.

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