The Best Time Ever

Almost 6 months. That's the longest I've gone without seeing my family, almost 6 months. And we brought that period to an end this weekend! Since booking our flight to Ogden a few months ago, I'd been bouncing around at the thought of seeing my Utah family again. This last weekend we flew out, and spent a truly wonderful 3.5 days visiting and laughing and having just a jolly good time.

It all started when the plane dipped down out of the clouds and I could see my home town, the high school, the "manor", the college, the backside of Carl's Super Saver. There was a little boy behind us on the plane, it was his first time visiting Utah. His mom said "Look at all that green out there!" to which he replied "What's green?" Like a true AZ native. I didn't ever realize how green Utah was. It was a bit of a shock coming back to AZ afterwards. Not that AZ has no green... because our desert really is very green. But Utah has a different sort of green. 

I all but ran off the plane and straight to my mama for a good 2 minute hug or so. I can't tell you how good a mom hug feels after going so long without one. There is just something about a mom hug that nothing else has. I gave my dad and grandpop a big hug too of course. We went to the Weber State football game entirely to watch the marching band. Sorry WSU football, we'll go to watch you when you play better. The marching band has made huge leaps and strides in the last few years! But the best part was my little sister, she is quite a looker in a band uniform. She let me play with the band. 

I've been thinking about marching band lately, as it IS that season. Many collegiate marching bands offer an alumni band yearly, but since I'm out of state, I'm unable to attend mine. I was so grateful to the WSU marching band for allowing me the experience of playing with a marching band again. Football is an entirely different experience when had through the perspective of the marching band. Dinner that night was at the most brilliant Thai place. With each dish they brought, I thought there was no way to surpass the prior dish. But somehow they did. The winner of the dinner was the Tom Yum soup, though. I don't know what it was made out of, but it's probably made from the tears of angels who laughed too hard. 

The next day was pretty easy going. I had a baby shower that evening and we spent the day watching General Conference, cooking, and getting last minute decorations put together. I want to thank my mom so much for putting together that shower for me. I've been so feather brained lately (or as Bec would say, always...) and her organization really is my rock! And a big thanks to all the friends, new and old, who came by or otherwise showed their love. This baby boy is a spoiled one. And as am I to have such a wonderful support system!

I've been walking this awkward tango with my DSLR camera. I love it, I do. I love using it, I think it's fun. But I find myself sometimes too wrapped up in capturing the perfect moments and details that I forget to actually live the moments and details. So the camera stayed home this weekend. All pictures have been stolen from others mwahahahaha.


Ahhhh Sunday. Relaxing day, more General Conference, leftover food from the shower, a trip up to Huntsville for a picnic.

This picture is super flattering as it captures me "staring into the sun face" sans makeup and "caring about my appearance" for the day. Some days you've just got to not care. Sunday was one of those days. My mom and sister look fantastic though!

We couldn't make it a trip to Utah without visiting my Grandpop! Grandpop's house is always full of new and interesting things. Things like.... 7 baby birds, huddled in a nest, or things like rocks pulled straight from the mountain to use in making jewelry. The best part was just visiting Grandpop, though. He is quite the conversationalist, I've come to learn! Thanks for letting us come by, Grandpop!

That evening, we let out the rabbits in my parent's back yard and chased them around. These two are pretty hilarious. They're very particular to their cages, and when given the opportunity will likely run back into their cage. It tells you how spoiled they are. Joseph and my Daddy love chasing around Leo, the part-hare part-lion head (correct me if that's wrong, Becca...) rabbit. He's a pretty ugly little creature that some how manages to make you love him. And he's the best hopper as well. Joe chased him around the yard, keeping him out of the hemlock, tomatoes, apricots, all that lil bunnies shouldn't eat. And in keeping him out of this, Leo ran straight into the front yard where a parade of people followed him to corral him back where he belongs. It took a while. 

I took the opportunity to chase around Buns for a while. Buns may be fat and privileged, but he is my favorite. That soft fur is irresistible. Buns hopped towards the garden and right into the garden, because he is a privileged white male rabbit. I snapped at him and told him that was the ONE place he wasn't allowed, after which he hopped out and laid on the grass with a wounded ego. And darn it, I took pity on the fool and picked him up to cuddle him. This had been a goal of mine ever since saying goodbye to those rabbits 6 months ago, I would cuddle them again. It's trickier than you'd think, because these rabbits hate to be cuddled. Hate it. But Buns, for some reason, didn't mind this time. I sat and held him, petting him, sniffing his lil bunny head, giving him lil bunny kisses. The parade and Leo made their way back towards us and everyone ran to sit down and talk to Buns and I. And Buns sat there and took it like a champ. 20 minutes passed. We came to the conclusion that he could hear baby boy inside me, because the second I moved my belly slightly away from him, he sprung back into action, hopped towards me again, and when he couldn't find what he wanted right away, drifted away back towards the grass and the forbidden garden.

It became Monday all too soon. Trips to Costco, making tortillas, taking walks just my daddy and me, and sitting in the living room talking for a few hours. Before we knew it, it was time to leave. 

And I hate leaving, I hate goodbyes. No matter how temporary they are, they rip out a part of my soul. I had the best weekend with my family, though, and I'm gonna hold that memory close until I see them again, remembering the cool temperatures and the green when things get hard here.

But I do love this new adventure in Arizona with my husband and soon with our little boy. I learn every week, new, that this is where we are supposed to be right now, and that is a great feeling.

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