Things That I Do

What oh what have I been doing.


Tsk tsk tsk.

Well, I haven't been blogging, that's for sure.

Other than that, it's hard to say.

I guess it all started around 12 months ago, or so, when I found out I was pregnant. So, for the last 4ish months I've been raising a human. He's at that fun stage of being very very cute. He smiles and laughs and is ticklish and talks and blows raspberries and plays and is very very curious. I'm gradually getting busier and busier with him. Today we drew eyebrows on his face, played with red paint in a bag, and played with a tub of water and got very soaking wet. And then the normal like looking in the mirror (because the kid is VERY conceited) and reading books and stuff. You know. It's pretty great stuff.

Last weekend the mister (as in, B├ęcar) and I went up to the mountains. There's a beautiful place about 2 hours from our home. On the Mongollon Rim. You turn left at the visitor's center and drive down the road about 1.5 miles and there's a small parking lot with 5 stalls and you feel like you're on the top of the world. The rocks are placed so seemingly-intentionally and the world just drops off, almost beneath your feet. And you're on the top of the world. There's a paved path, and we thought it would be fun to go up and walk the path and have a picnic. It was in the high 90s when we left home, and the low 50s when we got there. We were dressed for the high 90s. And let me tell you... low 50s in AZ is like low 10s anywhere else. Never mind the wind that would blow you right off the tops of those perfectly placed rocks if you let them have the chance.

Needless to say, we didn't hike it. But we'd driven 2 hours up there and we had a picnic and we weren't about to give up and go home. So, on the hunt for a new small trail to walk/hike. The hunt lead us to a sign that said "Fish Hatchery, 5mi -->" When you see a sign like that and you have time to spare, you follow it. We ended up, essentially, in the middle of nowhere. A forest, in the desert. And a park, in the forest. With trees and grass and verandas and cabins. And a pool full of fish. A couple of sticks with fishing line, and what must have been crack-for-fish stuck to the hook, and before we knew it, we had two very expensive trout in our buckets. Joe managed to rip the jaw off one of the fish, thus the bucket full of blood. The baby was enthralled. A picnic in the woods and a splash in the river later and we were home. A year in the state already, and there is still much left to discover.

Other things I've been doing: yoga. If you know me, then you're sick of hearing me talk about it, so move along. Or read on, I mean, you're welcome to do so, I won't stop you. But I get all preachy about yoga and that's dull.

Mah BFF got me started doing yoga after I expressed a desire to be a hot mama jamma, yet, because of my "history" I was worried about starting a serious, strenuous work out routine and diet. Thus, daily yoga was born into my life. Every morning I wake up, change and feed the baby, and put him in his play gym while I stretch out a beautiful mat on the floor next to him so he can laugh at me while I do yoga. It doesn't insult me, his laughter, because he laughs at everything. He's got a weird sense of humor. I've been yoga-ing it up every day now for ehhhh almost a month. And it feels fantastic. My abdominal muscles magically vanished post baby (you'd think that the act of HAVING a baby would help you develop muscles but you are wrong there. Very wrong. It's ok. I was very wrong too). But slowly those abdominal muscles are creeping back. My posture is fixed. My headaches are fading. And I'm quite enjoying myself. Mornings no longer are the bane of my existence. It helps, since the young boy-child is a morning person himself, so I'm mimicking him now. The first few days I felt so much stress and frustration in my body just doing a simple downward dog. But now I'm enjoying all of it. The burn in my muscles and bones and skin. It feels less like the fire of death and more like the fire of living. I've found danger in the past in self awareness, but yoga is teaching me a new form of self awareness and it's leading more and more to self acceptance. I've been glad to find something that I like!

Well. Ok so that's all the things I do, lately... besides cooking and cleaning and walking and working and visiting and all those other things. Reading writing so on and so forth... watching. Yeah I watch Netflix. What of it. You know you do it too. It's all good. It's all love. Nothing but love for you all.

Peace -- <3

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