There is a phrase I like to use a lot, and that is "Slap me silly and color me ___!" Actually I'm joking. I've said that a total of never in my mortal existence. And I hope to keep it that way.

(Typing it doesn't count.)

However, recently, as in the last 3 minutes, I've felt the urge to shout "SLAP ME SILLY AND COLOR ME INCEPTED!" Just because I thought of something to write a blog post about, and I thought that would make a good title. But I decided it was too long, so I picked a shorter title and then spent 2 paragraphs talking about why the title is what it is, even though it's slightly irrelevant to the bulk of this post. Bulk.... Maybe I should call this post "Bulk". Yep, it's gonna be called bulk. So now you have 2 COMPLETELY irrelevant paragraphs.

In the world of girls who write boys on missions (heretofore known as MG world...) we find something called IBS. It is not to be confused with irritable bowel syndrome. IBS stands for


I'm not sure if there is a set definition for what IBS really is, but to me it is the feeling that Josh never existed, and that I just made him up, and some random guy keeps sending me letters. IBS is very annoying.

Lately I've been feeling a lot of IEIKS though....


I've moved away from home, and I live in Salt Lake City. I do have friends here, but they're not exactly the OMGURMYBFFFFFFF!!!!! kinda friends. We get along great, we enjoy spending time with each other, but we're not exactly knocking down walls to see each other, and chances are, none of them will be in my bridal party.


That's what girls do.

We gauge the value of friendship based on whether or not said 'friend' would be a good bridesmaid.

All of my really great close friends, ones who really are my OMGURMYBFFFFFF!!!! all live... well, not here. Not in Salt Lake. Many live in Ogden. One lives in Logan. Many are on missions, or soon will be.

My family is also in Ogden.

The point is, I don't see the people that I'm really close to very often. This isn't such a big deal, because there is a wonder called facebook, and marvels called cell phones, and accompanying cellphones is texting, and with facebook you find chat, so communication is still there, and we can talk.

But lately I've come to the realization...

None of these people are real! I'm just talking to a computer! They don't really exist! And all of these people around me that I see now? Well, seeing as how I don't know them that well, I'm not sure they exist either.

Sure, when I'm with the people I'm very close to, it seems like we were never apart, and they are very real to me but other than that...

I've come to the conclusion that I am asleep and that all of you are just projections of my subconscious.

Enter my giveaway as you will.  You projections.


jacquelineada said...

Oh come now! You were at my house like last week! We ate Mexican and watched our soaps! I exist...

(has identity crisis)

Kellie said...

I am definitely a figment of your imagination, as well as mine. And that would make you a figment of your imagination, or dreams, or what have you. Yup. Thats it. Figment of your dreams. This is just a dream world where no one is really in exsistance at all.

Natasha Louise said...

We both have Josh's! But yeah I totally get where you're coming from, can't wait to learn again how real they actually are!!!!!
Cute blog btw :)

chip said...

I am merely a eggplant, drifting in the sky above you. I taste terrible and I'm too purple but only old people like me.