Marry Me

Alright. This post took way too long to create. But that's expected.... the reason for this being, today I'm supposed to blog about my dream wedding.

Oh. Is that all you're asking?

This kinda makes me laugh because it seems like obviously this challenge was tailored for girl bloggers.

First! I need a place!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the Draper Temple. Is this far from SLC? Ehhh... yeah kinda? Is this far from my family in Ogden? Uhhh yes. But it is my dream. It is so beautiful, I love how close it is to the mountains. I love the simple but elegant architecture. Ever since I toured through the open house a few years ago... I fell in love. With this Temple. 

I wish to be married in the morning, for quite a silly reason really. Because I want to be married all day. Alright alright... I know... I'll be married forever.... but I've loved thinking that for that entire day, we will be married. You only have one wedding day, after all.

Second! A dress.

I was looking through etsy... and I found this dress. I fell in love with it immediately. I love the length of the sleeve, the softness of the silhouette, and the lace. I. Love. Lace. But I've never been able to find a dress that had lace that I actually liked! But I love this one. Also, I like how light the dress looks. I've always wanted to be able to run in my dress. I don't know why... just because. The ability to move freely.

Bridesmaid dresses.

Something light. Something airy. Comfortable. It's going to be a summer wedding, so I don't want them in heavy heavy dresses. I'd love for them to be black, but I'd be fine with grey actually! Also, I like the idea of instead of a bouquet of flowers, just one single LARGE flower! Eh? Eh?

Groom and groomsmen can wear whatever as long as it isn't a white tux or a tux with tails.

Colors are hard for me. I always like red-black-white. Not so much red, as black and white. But lately... I dunno! I don't know what I think about white. I'm thinking maybe an off white, or a creme. Something not so stark and harsh. Black can stay black, it's cool like that.

Red? I just dunno! I'm thinking a firetruck red. Then I think a reddish pink kind of color. Then I think about adding some light color gold to it. Then I think about having an aqua blue in there too. I don't know...

Here are some pretty pictures to look at while my brain argues.

Brian, my little brother, made me promise a few years ago that I'd leave my hair down. We'll see though... if my hair is down it either has to be short or long, not what it is now. Otherwise I'm pulling it up.

I want my reception outside, on a golf course or a neatly trimmed park.

I want a butter creme frosting cake.

I want it to be very lighthearted, very happy, and stress free. I don't want to have an invite-everyone-and-their-dog wedding. Just family and friends.

And I want the reception to be later in the day as well. As the sun is going down. So... not dark... but not high noon. Too hot. 

I'd like the flowers to be... well for a long time I wanted daisies. But these days I'm thinking maybe daisies with red wild flowers mixed in as well. At least for centerpieces? 

I want to have the traditional first dance and daddy-daughter or mother-son dance and things like that.

And the first dance, right now, I want to be to this song.

Marry Me by Train. I fell for this song hard the first time I heard it. 

Anyways... that's just my dream these days. I ought to come back and look at this when I get married, see how close I stuck to it? That'll be fun!

Also... I want a bunny, as you can tell by yesterday's post. I'm pitching the idea to my parents to let me have a bunny. I'm trying oh so hard.... help me! What can I do to make them see that I need a furry animal to hold?!?!


Ashley said...

I love it! This makes me want to blog about my wedding dreams :)

jacquelineada said...

Grand! Except...

I HATE THAT SONG. No offense. It's just that song makes me want to punch a baby with a kitten.

Freaking Train. Get a name that isn't a method of transportation.

Lara said...

But but..... Train rocks! Like Drops of Jupiter? Doooooood. I was a bit disappointed in Marry Me, I'll admit... felt kinda like they were just doing it to make another one of 'those' songs. But I fell hard for it :) It says all of my favorite things!

ashley in wonderland said...

that wedding dress is killer! i love that sleeve length too! and who cares if the temple is sort of far! it's your day, do what you want!!!

chip said...

Drops of Jupiter is an amazing song! But I don't really like 'Marry Me' that much. Plus, the music video for it is just a bit creepy at the beginning, where the guy in the booth is staring at the girl washing the floor.