Ohhhhh hey it's another installment of Thus Says The Teacher!

Music class:

"You're gonna love rehearsing this song. Actually, I can't say that. I don't know what you think. But it doesn't matter what you think because we're playing it anyways!"

Children's Literature:

“Harry Potter is great literature. How many of you have read it? That book will be popular 100 years from now. How many of you have read Twilight? Is that original? Does it teach important ideas? Twilight is crap.”

“You need to read with your eyes open”

“How do you know something has beauty of literary style? It lasts.”

“We didn’t get a TV in my house until the 8th grade. BUT in the 4th grade…. My mother bought a piano. I didn’t learn to play it.”

“Marry someone who reads, girls.”

“You’ve got to know the books, and you’ve got to know the children. Say you have a 9 year old boy. Are you going to say to him ‘OH! You HAVE to read the Secret Garden. So good.’”

“When I read Of Mice and Men , and it said the H word, I would say ‘Go to Hooper.’”

“My teacher in high school said ‘Old Man and the Sea is a book about Jesus! He got sores in the palms of his hands, that should have been a dead giveaway!’ Hah. I’ve gotten sores in my hands from swinging on the monkey bars. That doesn’t make me Jesus.”

“I have to go to the restroom, I’ll be back”
                “Well, we’re going to start a rumor about you while you’re gone.”
“That’s fine!” *leaves*
 “Obviously she’s pregnant.”

"We should sing the fourth verse of the National Anthem. It ends with an exclamation point rather than a question mark. Why don't we read it?"
"Because of 'God'."
"Yes. God came down and said 'DON'T SING THIS SONG!'"

Well that's all. 

Nothing much, you?

Yeah I'm just going to school and working.

And saving the world.

All in a day's work. 

Wait no HEY!

I bought a nook. It's beautiful and lovely, and everything I look for in a man. So far I have read..... Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Giver, parts of Pride and Prejudice, and right now I'm reading Mere Christianity. Guys I love this thing. I read so much more now than I have in a long time. And reading is great. 

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