Verb: To Notice

Have you noticed that it's more comfortable on your feet after a long day to walk on the grass rather than the sidewalk?

Have you noticed how guinea pigs reply to the doorbell when it rings?

Have you noticed how you notice when someone is walking behind you? Even if you can't hear them.

Have you noticed how out of all the things people postpone, laundry is the worst?

Have you noticed how the Summer heat makes people tired?

I've noticed that people don't like to read books. Besides the Bible I guess. They like to read stories. But isn't the Bible just a really long story? Maybe lots of stories, but they tie together in the end.

Have you noticed that in order to sell a book, you have to sell a story?

It doesn't even have to be a good story.

But it does have to be a story.

"There's an animal living in this house. And we're mortal enemies."

"It makes sense that if my coworker and I were mortal enemies, her beast and I would be mortal enemies too."

"But she and I aren't mortal enemies."

"And her guinea pig isn't my enemy either."

"That second part that came right after the first part was a lie."

"People will buy lies. As long as it's a story."

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