Scared Straight

I don't usually get scared. No. No I don't. I get startled. But not scared. 

I watched Woman in Black. It wasn't scary for the first all of it. Towards the end it was starting to get pretty freaky, and I thought "Eh, why not. Let at it." So I just threw myself in the movie and forced myself to get scared. It worked alright. 

I was a bit disappointed because my buddy buddy Jackie told me she wasn't able to sleep because of it. So I was expecting the world. And that didn't happen. And I fell asleep none changed at all. 

But I woke up and had to pee.

I walked to my door.

Opened it not even a crack.

And freaked out and ran back to bed and buried myself under the cover. Then turned on my lamp. Grabbed my phone.

Because phones are awesome weapons against ghosts and demons.

Turned on the over head light. Started singing pretty loud, opened the door, ran like a BAT OUT OF HECK to the loo. 

And I'm still alive.

That's all.


wstacij said...

best scary movie ever. after watching it i hid in my room, heard a bump downstairs and ran down defending myself using about 6 french fries and a chicken nugget from what turned out to be nothing

Ivy said...

My cousin is trying to talk me into watching it with her. I don't think I can do it! Haha, anywhooo, your blog is adorable! New follower :)