Wedding Checklist

Hey Lara! How are wedding plans going!

Oh, you know, I was all like "PSH! I've had my wedding planned since I was three! I don't need no check list! I got this guuurrrrrllll!" And then all the sudden, I remembered there's a lot more to planning a wedding than just getting a dress, so I started to freak out. A whole freaking lot. It's dumb, because it's one day, and why should I worry and stress and spend this much money on one day? Because all I really want to do is walk out of the Temple holding Joe's hand and seeing all our loved ones and then I want to dance with him at our reception.

That's all.

And put cake on his face.

So here's how wedding plans are going.


Pretty much done! Fits like a glove, I may or may not have cried a little when I put it on. I just bought the final touch for it today, the trim around the bottom. A delicate lace. It's going to be stunning. Our Temple pictures are this weekend! 

Other Dress:

Whaaaatttt? You only need one dress! SHUT UP I KNOW THAT. Gosh. Sheesh. Stop telling me how to do my wedding. Ugh. Really... just... come on.

This dress is for the rehearsal dinner, the "getaway" and the open house the next weekend in Colorado. A pretty little number from Shabby Apple. What do you think? P.S. That's not me in that picture. I promise, I'm way hotter. I actually HAVE a head.


Done! They're silk. I picked them out myself. Designed the flower group myself (can't spell bouquetueutte...) Bridesmaids will have a similar bouquueuetuuquet, just... different. 


Joe's sisters, Amy and Natalie, my sister Rebecca, my sister from a different mother, Julie, and my two best friends in the world, Brittany and Jackie, of course. They have pretty skirts that are white and green with a polka dot gradient on them, with navy shirts. They're all going to look stunning, because they do already no matter what. 

For the groom...


Oh you know Joe is going to rock that. A plaid skinny tie, just like he was wearing the first time I saw him in a suit. Black suit.... European cut.... European shoes.... And a brand new hair cut. I think I may be more excited to see him all gussied up on Saturday than he is to see me in my dress. 

His ring:

BAM. Got it. It's covered. He had good taste, I thought. Pretty much designed it himself. another shout out to the fellas at Custom Ring Design in Provo, I really appreciate doing business with you! 

He picked up my band too, and it's a pretty little thing. I've posted a picture of that already, I think.

For everything else...


Done designed them ourselves. They're pretty classy. Not printed yet.... probably should get on that... we'll be sending them out like... next week. Holy crap. I'm getting married so soon.... 


We're doing a brownie buffet. That means smores brownies, salted caramel brownies, white brownies (what? Yes.) mint brownies, samoa brownies, super choco choco chip brownies, normal brownies, cake brownies... every brownie you can think of and MORE! But wait! There's more! Whipped cream. Like... so many different flavors of whipped cream. Like... raspberry, mint, chocolate, blueberry, maybe momma can be talked into doing a mocha whipped cream because I secretly love the smell of coffee... 

And for drink, a cucumber lemonade we sampled at a food place in AZ... can't remember what it was called. But it was so yummy. 


We've got a lot of flowers and crap. We're going to have little pictures of Joe and I as children scattered around the tables. The reception is at a train station, and we've got a private staircase leading up to our room, and we're going to wrap apple blossom branches around the railing and some tulle and candles and stuff and oh. It'll be pretty.

Honestly, Joe's mom has been way more on top of decoration than we have. We'll be doing that this weekend, I guess. This is what Joe's mom has though, and I LOVE IT. 

That's for our open house. I couldn't have asked for a more awesome mother in law. Shout out to Susie and all her awesomeness. Thank you for all you do!


They look like ballerina shoes, but they've got a bit of a heel. Just love them. And so does the homeless black guy who saw me wearing them when I was breaking them in. Thank you sir, for your lavish compliments on my shoes. I like you. I'd invite you to the wedding if I could. 

Guest book:

I've got no clue.


Must plays!
Romantic songs:
La Vie En Rose
Chasing Cars
In My Life - First Dance
Just a Kiss (Because we're totally going to sing this really loudly and badly. JUST A KISS ON YOUR LIPS IN THE MOOOOONLIIIIIGGGGHTTTTTTT.)

The other songs:
Forever by Chris Brown
Gangnam Style
Say Hey (I know... one thing... I love you!)
Are You Gonna Be My Girl

So those are the wedding things I've got so far. It's coming up soon. Am I forgetting anything?


Nathan and Kaitlin said...

I had no idea what to do for a guest book either. But my older sister took care of it and made a book on shutterfly.com. She just put a bunch of pictures of us on all the pages and people signed around the pictures. So it was like a photo album of our dating and engaged life as well as our wedding sign in book. I love it!!

So excited for you!!!!

Teagan Norseth said...

This post reminds me of how much I still have to do. /headdesk