My Nook got smashed in the face, I think, so now it doesn't work anymore. I think. I have an idea of how to fix it, but I haven't done that yet. SO. If any of you know how 1984 ends, let me know. I was at that awkward part. You know the part. The whole book.

In preschool, there's this kid. A few weeks ago, he was standing stark naked in the bathroom, changing his clothes after having spilled applesauce all over them, and he turned to me with the weirdest look on his face and said

"Magic... is veeerrry.... inviiiiiiiisible....."

Serious as all get out. Yeah. A few weeks later, remembering that incident, deciding to replicate it, I asked him what magic is.

"Magic. Is what turns peeeeoooppple.... into FISH."

This has started a new game. Every week or so, I'll catch him randomly and ask what magic is. The following responses have been recorded.

"Magic? Magic lives in our souls. (He started crying now.) I don't know magic... magic is bad."

"When you look at magic, it's shiny. So magic can make people shiny."

That's all that's happened so far. I'll keep recording more.

Now for some advice! From you people.

1. I went running with Joe. He's gonna make me run a marathon like next year or something. I'd like to, it's on my bucket list, but I have never ran in my life before. That's a lie. I'd come home from high school sometimes and be like "I'm gonna be a hot momma! Let's go running!" I'd make it out my front door, to my neighbor's house, and end up tired. So I'd go home. But you can't do that in a marathon. Joe's been taking me running. That's also a lie. He took me running once. IT HURT. I still hurt. Don't read this Joe. If you read this, I mean to say umm.... Running feels good! I'm strong! Not a wimp! But yeah. Running killed my magical soul. And I'm still aching from it. We're going again tonight. Advice? How do I make it better? How do I like this? How will I ever be able to do a marathon?

2. I've been getting spam comments out the wazoo on this blog. How do I make them go away? I'm talking 10 a day or so. I don't want to have to approve comments but I will if that's what it takes. So let me know. Yeah.

Peace out SUCKAS!

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Olive said...

Stretch before AND after you run, and also pace yourself. Don't get so sore that you can't run the day after, because that will make you give up faster.