Whadaweekend indeed.

I remember when I went to El Paso about two years ago, my friends kept saying they wanted to go to "What A Burger" but I heard them say "Water Burger" and that sounds disgusting.

That's totally related. I promise. I think.

So my weekend started on Thursday night! Joseph and I watched a movie or something, or maybe just watched Arrested Development or I don't know. I honestly don't remember Thursday. That was a long time ago, ok? A whole... Like.... 5-6 days ago. Sheesh. What did YOU do Thursday night? See? Not so easy to remember, is it?

Well, Friday we got up early and got ready for a WEDDING! Because JACQUELINE lOvElAnD got MARRIED to Daniel Windsor! What a name is that! Windsor. With a name like B├ęcar and a name like Windsor, we could totally live in England at some time long ago and drink tea and wear tight dresses and stuff like that. But secretly on the sideline, we'd sneak away with Brittany Ophelia and kick some alien butt like in Dr. Who.

Dr. Who? No. Didn't watch it this weekend. Well, we watch some of 9's season, but we have to wait for new ones. 

The wedding was amazing and beautiful. The day was sunny. We drove up and looked at some apartments on the way because we're looking to move again. And then again in a few months. And then again a few months after that. Sigh. We're gonna have boxes that stay permanently packed.

It was wonderful to sit in the sealing room with Joseph, in the same Temple we were married in, and to be reminded so vividly of our day but a month ago. It was so wonderful and warming to see how incredibly happy my best friend looked as she was married for time and all eternity to a guy who actually deserves her. I've never seen her glow so much.

And we danced the night away at the reception. Spinning and flying across the dance floor... You know that episode of Malcolm in the Middle where the mom THINKS she's dancing well but is actually really bad? That could very well be how we are. But it feels great.

Sunday was just a relaxing day! We made lasagna and read books. 

Monday we bought a vacuum for free. That's the best part about getting married... gift cards. We bought some shorts for free. We bought two slurpees for a dollar. We bought "surf hair" and got Joe a hair cut. We watched more Dr. Who. We made enchiladas and then went running.

And then the alarm clock rudely woke us up and we went back to real life.

It's hard, because I won't have another break until the 4th of July. And I'm back into the grind.... and it makes me tired and sore and stressed at times. I love it. But sometimes I sit down and realize just how long life is. Joe and I kissed each other goodbye this morning and I said "Some day we'll be able to see each other all the time..." and we both said "When we're dead...." 

But for the few hours a day that I get to go home, it's worth it. And for the moments when my kids hug me so hard it literally knocks me backwards onto the ground, it's worth it. 

But for the most part I'm really tired and almost fall asleep during nap time.

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