Dear you

Dear you...

Signed for our new place this week! Also signed up for internet! SO THAT'S EXCITING! I want to blog more! I want to post pictures! I want to stop using Joe's phone for Netflix! It's going to be great.

I thought I'd share with you some preschool stories as of late!

I've been working in the Summer Camp, as mentioned in earlier blogs. We went bowling today, we played in sprinklers and baked cookies earlier this week... today we put mentos in coke just for fun.

Hmm... what to share.

A lil cute boy, my favorite one... he speaks Chinese, it's his main language. He speaks enough English to communicate. Well, his teachers were having him translate for them. At least, they were trying.
 "Say hello in Chinese."
"Hello in Chinese."
But he doesn't know that he's not saying what they want! He thinks he's doing the right thing. When you're a kid, people are always saying "Say blah blah blah" so that's what they say. Anyways. It's funny and cute, I thought.

Oh this is a good story.

There's a girl who is a teacher's pet. A, we'll call her. She's not any teacher's pet, she's my pet. She will do anything I ask. She draws me pictures and plays with me and when she grows up, she wants to be a teacher "Like Miss Lara!"

Yesterday she was playing with another girl. I was so happy to see her playing! She never wants to play with other kids, so this was just great. However, another girl wanted to play with the two of them, and A's new friend refused to let this new girl play with them. A went along with it, she's quite, and she just made a new friend!

However, later she was feeling so bad. She was crying about how she was so mean to this girl, though she specifically didn't do anything. She asked the teacher if the class could throw a surprise party for the other girl who was excluded. She made a card that said "We're sorry we didn't let you play with us."

It was just so sweet. Melted my heart. A kid with a foot in the right direction to stop bullying, she's getting there.


Tomorrow is Friday, no field trips I don't think, so it'll be a day to relax. (Finally.)

Maybe I'll blog more.

But I needa get a Uhaul.

And I needa figure out my new commute.

And really there's a lot to do.

So probably no more posts until I'm on my own internet in my own house!

Much Love,


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