Play by play

First we got to the train station at the same time.
Then we got on the bus.
Then we talked some about co-workers and work and school.
Next we got off the bus.
"Hey, did you notice your pass shows up as BYU and mine shows up as UofU?"
Then we walked home.
And skipped the mail box because all that's been in there these days is newspapers.
Then we decided to go running.
We went running backwards. Not literally...
We just went the opposite way that we normally go.
Or most often go.
Because we don't always go on the same trail.
Or path.
Or neighborhood.
Then we went home and showered.
And had chicken, stuffing, and vegetables for dinner.
Then we watched Arrested Development and went to sleep.
Because it was like... 11pm by then.
And even Fridays are early days for old people.
Then we woke up early.
Looked up train schedules.
I took an hour to do my hair and crap.
Rode the train.
To Provo.
The bus.
Went to a building.
I finished traffic school.
He did paint ball stats homework with classmates.
We had donuts in a no donut room.
Meaning no food.
Or small children.
This group broke both laws.
BYU kids... who knew?
Then we made an airplane wing.
And rode the bus.
And debated J-Dawgs hot dogs vs Costco hot dogs.
Costco still wins in my mind.
Rode a bus.
Got off the bus early because there were stinky people on the bus.
Walked to the train.
Waited for the train.
Got on the strain.
Finished Arrested Development.
We were disappointed.
We went grocery shopping.
This time we got otter pops and life was better.
Went home.
Had buffalo lettuce wraps, raspberry pie, and fresh pineapple for dinner.
Got a movie.
Total Recall.
It was good.
We've been disappointed in the past with movies.
This one was good.
Not as good as Star Trek but....

Come on.

Star Trek.

Come on.
Arrested Development.

Then we went and got packaging tape and returned the movie.
Went to sleep.
Woke up.
Packed some.
Made blueberry buckle.
For Father's day!
Played with Tomato.
Joe is a good daddy to Tomato.
Packed some.
Went to church.
Had cake at church.
Came home.
Had eggplant parmesan for dinner.
I rate it an ok.
Called our dads.
They're doing well.
Watched Dr. Who.
Listened to Enya.
Read scriptures.
Said prayers.
Fell asleep.

And I woke up this morning and he was cuddling me. I fell asleep again for a few minutes and then woke up realizing he had to go. And I hugged him and he hugged me back saying he was feeling so sad that he'd have to leave me all day... and we wouldn't be able to see each other tonight.

But it was a good weekend.

Tomorrow we're going to sign for our new town home.

Stuff is really nice right now.

The end.

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