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I pressed the tab button after writing the title to get down here to write the main post, but I didn't realize how many buttons I'd have to go through. Too many buttons.

Hmm. What's up these days.

Well, same thing. Working. But now I'm working with school aged kids in summer camp and it ROCKS. I love working with the older kids! And working with them is giving me a better idea of what grade I want to teach. I really like the 6 year olds. So we'll see how that goes.

Signing up for classes. It's weird how this is kinda my last year of real classes, since next year will be student teaching. I've been working with a girl just about to start her student teaching, and it's been great. She gives me advice, I give her advice, I think we're a cool team.

Last week we went to the library and to the park. This week we're going to do a cooking project, we're going bowling, and we're playing in sprinklers.

Summer camp rocks. Except I'm not paying to do it, I'm getting PAID TO DO IT. Best job ever.

It's our last weekend in Salt Lake, and we're spending it in Provo! Right now I'm in BYU, doing traffic school (shut up) and watching Joe do homework. It's alright. It's weird because it's BYU. But they gave me donuts. So that's ok. And Joe is here. And sometimes his classmates say funny things.

Next weekend, we're MOVING! It'll be interesting spending so much time in our first few years of marriage moving. It's hard, because we don't get to really settle down and set up a life, but it's also an adventure. I've enjoyed meeting new people, I've enjoyed living in this little place and the crazy stories we get here....

I can't think of many crazy stories.


We'll be moving to a little two story town home with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen that's as big as our current bedroom, a backyard....

It's really nice. I'm so excited to have some space and to have a place to put our garden and to buy a BBQ and other random furniture now that we'll have a place to put random furniture.

And I'll be living in the same city as two of my BFF'S FOREVER LYKE OMG FERRRREVER AND WE'RE GONNA HAVE PARTIES.

And it'll be fun having Joe go to work where he worked last summer. It's like... it's like we're in last summer again, except this time... we're married.


I've been running. Got some new running shoes.


They're cool because the girly side of me says "AHHHH!!! PINK!!!!! PINK SHOES!!! SHOES!!!!!" And the manly side of me say "Pain. And they say ghost. I dig it."

My manly side is a total tool.

Running has been great. I love the feel of my feet against the pavement, especially with these shoes. They bounce. I love matching the beat of the music to my feet and my breathing. I love showing Joe that I'm not a wimp and actually pushing him sometimes. I love dripping with sweat at the end, really I do. It feels like I've done something great. And I love feeling like the rest of the night, I could eat whatever I want. And I DO! Which means vegetables and skinny taste food.

Some of you may remember my post about an eating disorder. Now, I'm not starving myself anymore. But I wasn't taking care of myself either. I couldn't make it up the stairs without panting. I'd get randomly dizzy. I'd get sick so much. This really is the first time in my life where I'm trying to take care of my body. Pushing it beyond what I thought it was capable of. Paying attention to what goes in. Drinking so much water... so much... I'm not only an antelope, I'm a fish.

I feel happy is all.

I feel really good about life.

I feel really good about where it's going.

I feel like though things can go wrong, really... nothing will REALLY go wrong.

And it'll be ok.

I'm excited about our new house, and we'll have internet there which will be NOICE so I will be blogging more.

Stay tuned.

The adventure is only beginning.

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MacKenzie said...

I love your blog soooooo much. Running really saved me from my eating disorder so I'm digging this post.