Summer Dreams

It's not summer yet. But, currently being both an educator and a student, my summer starts when school gets out for the summer. However, my school is still in session, that is, my preschool.

And so, summer may have started... but not really.

I realized a few days ago that I'm working less this summer than I was last summer, but somehow it feels like so much more. I have to drag myself out of bed and I spend hours just thinking about the weekend. I think that's because I miss my husband. Last summer I was pacified with the thought of seeing him every night. Sometime between last summer and this summer, that somehow changed to being not enough. Yes, I see him every night, but I miss him every day.

I'm a pathetic newly wed. Judge me. Whatever.

I've been enjoying my work so much. I was letting it become work rather than loving it as play. Because that's really what it is. The slogan of my job is "We are in the business of play."

I spend my days arguing with "T" over who the best super hero is (Batman... It's Batman...)
I let "A" play with my hair and I play with hers.
I get dressed up and go to fake weddings.
I build block towers so "E" can knock them down.
I paint pictures of the class and they crowd around begging to see, asking who they are.

I've forgotten that it's play.

Today I was on the swing set. It was warm out, but the wind was blowing and nice.

I started swinging. I get too high on the swings. The swing goes parallel to the ground but my body wants to stay perpendicular. So I have to let go of the chains and lean forward.

Today I decided not to lean forward. I decided to fall back with the swing. And my feet flew in the air and "T" was shouting about how the clouds looked like dragons and ships and my feet went up and I fell backwards.

And I felt like I was flying.

I miss my husband every minute I'm away from him. But I love what I do.

Next week I start the summer camp. I get to go on field trips and work with school aged children and play with them all day.

And later today, I'm going back to the swings to fly again.

It's a slow dreamy kinda day.

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