Life as an Antelope

Joe has gotten me to go running. Last summer when we started dating, he'd come pick me up for a date, fresh from a shower taken right after running. I thought he was crazy for going running in 100+ temperatures. Then I married him, and I guess I should have known that in doing so, I'd be signing up to go running WITH said crazy man.

I guess I didn't need to go running, but I like to spend time with him, what can I say, and some day I want to do a marathon (hah...)

The first day we went running went something like this.

First 30 seconds: Not too bad! I can do this.
6 minute mark: Walking. That's better. Maybe I can-- *Hufff hufff huuuuffff* Nope. Can't do this.

The second day we went running was two weeks later. It took me a lot of time to recover.
 And know what? It wasn't that bad. It was cool outside. It wasn't until the last five minutes that I felt like dying.

And the third day I was totally fine. Talking. Laughing. I hardly felt like I was running. So I said something.

"I hardly feel like I'm running!"

Which gave him license to whip my butt until I wound up on the grass curled up saying "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT HAVE I DONE."

The fourth day we went running for 30 minutes. Apparently that's a thing Joe does, is go what he calls "easy" for two days, and on the third day that week, do something harder. It was a lot hotter, that's for sure, but we ran through this meadow by a river and that was actually quite nice. I was doing really well until minute 20 or so, but after that I just gave up and decided if I was gonna die, might as well die while doing something that people call "good for the body". And it wasn't that bad until Joe told me he actually had made us go two minutes longer than anticipated, and with the walk breaks we take every 5 minutes, I don't know. Some how we ended up out on the trail for a long time and I was tired.

But you know what's great about running?

You can go home and feel totally ok eating a ton of otter pops.

And sometimes Joe lets you wear his half marathon shirt and you feel like a bad-a.

And instead of just lying on the floor thinking "Huh... I'm dying... and I'm doing nothing to stop this from happening..." You're getting out and at least trying to slow down the clock ticking against your life.

So on that happy note, HAVE A GREAT DAY.

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