The Weekend

It's incredibly refreshing knowing I don't have school next week. I have work yes. I will be going into schools to volunteer yes. BUT I don't have school. So this weekend was incredibly enjoyable.

Joe texted me on Friday asking me on a date for Saturday (which, can I say, is a win on his behalf. I love being asked out still.) He wouldn't tell me what it was though! And all Friday night he was giddy from his hairs to his socks about the date for the next day. 

Friday we went to the Provo Temple. I've never been anywhere in the Provo Temple besides the baptistry. It's gorgeous. Reminds me so much of the old Ogden Temple, my home Temple that I miss so much. I'm glad to call Provo Temple my Temple for the next few months. 

Saturday we woke up, ran some errands... and then hopped on the train to SLC for our date! First stop, a real gem of a place. Sapa Sushi Bar and Grill. Some of the best priced sushi I've ever seen, and it was SO GOOD. The environment was really cool too, a little old-Japanese and a little modern-American. 

Hop on the bus, riding down town through hoards of children dressed like Princesses, off the bus, to the Energy Solutions Arena and straight into Disney On Ice.

I've been down lately. We got a tax refund and wanted to go to Disney Land but the car broke and real-life kicked in and it was decided that Disney Land is more a trip better suited for our graduation next year. But Joseph found this Disney on Ice deal and it filled up our Disney tanks. 

Let's just say Ariel did aerial silk ballet and it was awesome. 

And Sunday, today, we were in nursery for the first time. Did I mention already that we got called last week to the nursery as coordinators. Just playing with kids for a few hours. It was so fun. 

And then tonight I made cake. Red velvet cake. 

Joe wanted to make sure that it was a pinteresty picture. One side focused in the back, one in front. Artistic husband there. 

Better say something about how to make that cake. Buy a mix. Then put some cream cheese with sugar and milk. Bake the cake and frost it with frosting stuff. Tastes like flesh-cake. Delicious. 

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