I've had this incurable desire to GO these days. The Union Pacific runs by and I want to run onto it and go where it takes me. Which is probably to the train yard. That's terribly un-poetic.

Pinterest is doing this to me. Seeing these awesome pictures of places around the world, all of which may or may not be photo shopped.

Riding the train is doing this to me. Being a UTA-er. For some reason everything looks a lot more mysterious when you're looking at it from a train window. Even if it's the same thing you see every day.

Maybe because I'm stuck on the train. Maybe it's not interesting when you're in a car driving because you could stop any time you want and go run all over the grass if you want. But you can do it whenever you want so you don't. Maybe it's interesting on the train because you can't just do that. Because you're stuck. And the only places you can get off are the stations and that's just boring. 

Except for the one station by the bus stops. It's interesting because every day the buses go by. I know public transit like the back of my hand. I know where every UTA bus goes. At least, I know where it ends up.

Two weeks ago I took a gamble and took a bus I'd never ridden before. It promised to get me to where I wanted to be. But I didn't know it would drive me all over the mountains to get there. I could see the whole city. And it was raining. And it took two hours. 

And so I want to get on a Greyhound bus. Joe is what keeps me here. If it weren't for him I think I may have jumped on a Greyhound heading to Denver by now. It sounds exciting to me.

And Utah lake is pretty boring I hear but I want to walk into it and just stand there because I never have before. And those mountains on the other side? I want to go stand by them too because not everyone gets to do that and it makes it interesting. 

Wanderlust. I'm cursed. 

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