The Day I Became A Lady

I was having a conversation with friends about growing up from babies to adults and all that stuff. It was a great conversation, actually. I remembered stuff from my childhood that I had never remembered. Here's one particular memory... the death of my childhood.

It was a nice day. We had soda with dinner. Any day that included soda with dinner was a great day.

This wasn't the same day, but it demonstrates how much we loved having soda in our home. It was always club soda, grape soda, orange soda, and rootbeer. And sometimes if you were feeling crazy, you'd mix them all together. Awww yeah.

One day... I was probably 12 or something... I let out a burp to end all burps. And then high fived myself or something. It was a good one. Suddenly.

"What mom!"
"Lara, you're growing up now. It's not polite to do that."
"What?! Why not?"
"It's not very lady like."
"Well, I don't want to be lady-like MOM."
"It's time to have manners. You need to learn to be a little lady-like now."

And then I had to be a lady. I resisted. I was upset... but I'm pretty sure we had important guests over so my manners or lack thereof weren't in the best taste. Mom's manner lessons came in handy though. I will say that. Being married it's easy to get incredibly casual one with another, to let oneself go in a sense. But holding on to those lady-like manners have helped in maintaining this illusion in front of Joseph that I'm a shining beautiful magical goddess. It's pretty swell to fool him. 

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