Just Wedding Planning

As previously mentioned, this week, Joseph surprised me on Valentines day. But much to his surprise, I got him back. By filling his car with balloons. It made traveling home the next night a bit tricky... trying to fit bags in his car when it was jammed tight. But it was worth it. I remembered when we said bye that night, and he went out to his car, I ran to the window to spy out on him. Some old man stood across the street from him, watching him open his car. He came over and talked to Joe for a bit, even. Kinda cracked me up. 

This kid is just the best. Thanks for everything, buddy.

We went to the Dr. Who Musical. IT WAS SO FUNNY. There were some times when I was just about out of my chair laughing on the ground. The best was when Ben Franklin (Yes, he was there....) had the Dr's sonic screwdriver, and it was flashing red and green. When it flashed green, he was supposed to shout to the Dr. Well, the Dr. was off stage behind him, and in front of him was a weeping angel. It would flash green, and he'd turn around and shout "GREEN LIGHT!!!" And the angel would start moving towards him, and he'd turn around and say "Red light...." And kept doing this. Essentially playing red light green light with a weeping angel. "GREENLIGHTREDLIGHT!!!! Green light........ RED LIGHT! Red light!.... What? Green light. RED LIGHT. Yellow light! What are you supposed to do with that?"

That won't make much sense to people who haven't seen Doctor Who. Also... I guess you kinda had to be there maybe. It was so funny though. I recommend it to anyone.

The next night, Joe and I had a Doctor Who marathon with three of Ten's specials. They were amazing. The End of Time, and Waters of Mars. So awesome. I didn't want to be a Whovian. I told Joe that. I'd watch it, but I wasn't going to become a Whovian. Too late.

On Saturday, I got my teeth fixed. Joe came with me, and I think he even had fun. They put me on laughing gas which makes me a little crazy, and causes me to talk in sign language, play an imaginary flute/piano, and wave without being aware of what I'm doing. 

We went to check out our reception center. Even more lovely than I remember. Oh I'm so excited.

We went to look at flowers, and got some great ideas. 

We bought silk (real life actual silk) for my wedding dress. I am a spoiled girl. I'm so excited my mom is making my dress. She's amazing, and the dress will be only that much more meaningful.

We did taxes. I'm getting a few hundred in refunds. So excited. It'll finally pay off my card and then some. Then maybe I'll cut it up and throw it away. Don't get into debt, folks, it stresses you out. 

Dad's birthday was a few weeks ago, and as a present, he got a tamale pot. So, this weekend, we made tamales!

We realized, the first batch of filling and masa, we spend so much time making sure the seasoning is perfect and everything... but we have to make more as we go along because there's never equal amounts of both. The first few batches are perfect. Towards the end, they end up kinda bland.


They're yummy though. All of them. I love all those baby tamale children.

Monday, we went and finished our registry at our last place. I'll miss that... it's like shopping for stuff and not spending money. We looked at ties and shoes. If you know of any navy pumps and green/navy striped ties and/or bow ties, let me know. We're still looking.

Doing registry. That spoon is too big!

And then we went to my house and did homework. It was better doing homework this time. Though I said I'm not a cutesy teacher, I do find that taking notes is more enjoyable if they look nice. So maybe I used bold and italics sometimes (WOOOOOAAAAAHHHH WHAT)

Then we made creme brule. Brian and Joe liked it. I thought it tasted nasty. We made honey-lime-cilantro-chicken enchiladas. They turned out awesome. It's fun eating with my little family. Brian. Joe. Not Stupid, but maybe some time he'll have dinner with us.

Update on Stupid coming soon, as well as the new member of the family, Sprinkles Confederate Hitler. 



Amanda Schroeder said...

Girl! You sound like you had a FABULOUS weekend! That silk is beautiful. Kind of reminds me of my own wedding dress. And what a talented wonderful mother you have! I'm so excited for your wedding dress now! haha. PS - head on over to my post today. I think you'll likey likey it.

Sarah Rambles said...

I love reading about what you do on your weekends... sounds fun to me!